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Round 3 of the National Motocross series was held at Wroxton Motopark in Oxfordshire with approximately 300 riders enjoying a wonderful weekends racing at a professionally prepared circuit.

MX1 opened the programme with Jonathan Pettit having a brilliant weekend wining the first races. A crash with Scott Elderfield well into the last lap of the final moto, leaving both riders on the floor, saw Elderfield remount quickest to take the win. Petit although relegated to third had done enough to secure the overall in an enthralling moto with action right to the flag. Tony Cuddy and Dexter Marks ended equal on points having both scored top 3 finishes during the weekend during their epic battles. Marks started like a rocket in the opener and lead for most of the race until passed by Pettit but was unable to carry his form into day 2. Dominic Foreman secured fourth overall from Dan Johnson and Jake Alsop. Harry McKenna showed his form with a runner up spot in moto 4 but a moto 1 DNF spoilt his overall chances.

Another battle for top spot in MX2 took place as expected with Sebastian Osborne taking the honours from Chuck Davies who just edged out Aaron Jenner for runners up spot. A disaster in moto 3 saw Osborne fighting back from 25th early on to finish 4th. Aaron Pipon took the win in the second day opener after a mixed bag of results on day one. Second in the final moto was enough to secure 5th for Shaun Southgate with Rowan Hill completing the top 6.

125cc Ace Rickie Roderick took maximum points this weekend but was chased hard to the finish by Danny Lanfear and Jordan Bachelor. Danny finishing second overall with some excellent scores. With not a good start to his name all weekend Jordan has to battle back in every race and was constantly closing on the leaders, but in a crash while challenging Lanfear in the final moto cost him valuable time. Kieran Banks spoilt a good weekend with a disaster in moto 4 but had enough points in the bag to secure 4th from Callum Sloman and Jason Wells.

MXY2 pilot Ben Putnam was consistent all weekend with wins in the opening and closing motos giving him the overall in this very competitive group. Daniel Maxey started poorly but a win in moto 3 and a couple of second places did enough to claim second, although tied on points, from Jay Thomas the moto 4 winner. Jordan Carrier had a super weekend and was always in contention. Having to charge through the field to claim some top 3 finishes gave Jack Timms a deserved 5th having just edged out Chris Grindle.

Big Wheel 85cc saw four different moto winners with opening moto winner Tyron Cleaver unable to back up his win meaning he finished well down the order. Josh Coleman claimed the top spot thanks to two gate to flag wins on day 2. Having opened his weekend with a poor score Scooter Webster, despite a moto 2 win, could not make up the points to challenge for the overall but finished well clear of 3rd place Charlie Putnam who by contrast has started with a runner up spot in moto 1. The final race on day 1 was taken by Mitchell Lewis but he was unable to break into the top six. The final top 6 places going to Henry Williams, by one point from, David Keet and Dylan Hogkins.

Small Wheel 85cc riders were very close with just four points separating the top 3 in the overall standings. Henry Siddiqui claimed the overall with three wins including a pass on Dylan Woodcock in the run up to the finish. Dylan catching a rut wrong left half a gap for the determined Siddiqui to squeeze through and with that pass secure the overall win. Albie Wilkie packed in some very consistent rides with two moto wins and the remainder 3rds. Cornish rider Jake Curtis Stevens riding the best I’ve seen holeshotting several races after a poor opening ride was always in contention. Aaron Gordan, Harry Pritchard and Adam hill added to the excitement finishing within a couple of points of each other.

Gary Ashley stamped his authority on the Junior group with wins in the first four motos. Although never taking the holeshot once in front he was never challenged. He was made to work in the final encounter however and had to battle through the pack. The final moto went to Regan Brooks who having gated fantastically was never lower than fourth and took a deserved win. Ryan Tanner looked impressive and finished only a couple of points behind to claim the final podium spot. Ryan Rowlands opened with a poor result but his other rides recorded all top 4 finishes to secure 4th overall. Dominic Lancett, claimed 5th, who was caught inches from the line by Brookes in the final moto finished equal on points with Callum Beeken.

The Autos completed the weekend with Louie Kessell and Toby Potter taking two wins each. Kessell scored well enough after winning the opening two motos to claim the overall despite Potter claiming wins in the final two outings. A consistent ride from Alfie Rickwood was rewarded with the final spot on the podium. An inconsistent weekend from Bobby Bruce, despite a win in moto 3, saw him claim 4th from Charlie Heyman and Jack Grayshon who finished level on points.

The BSMA Management would like to thank everyone for making this event so enjoyable, all our sponsors, first aid, track management, competitors and their teams. Special thanks to Paul Hardy for his assistance with the commentary and his enthusiasm kept the meeting buzzing.

The next round is at Cwmythig Hill, Rhayader on the 16th and 17th June. (A rescheduling of Round 2 which was postponed due to the inclement weather)


Automatics                                                     Juniors

1: Louie Kessell        209      KTM                 1: Garry Ashley                      221      KTM

2: Toby Potter                        204      KTM                 2: Regan Brooks                   209      KTM

3: Alfie Rickwood     199      KTM                 3: Ryan Tanner                      207      KTM

4: Bobby Bruce          192      KTM                 4: Ryan Rowlands                183      KTM

5: Charlie Heyman   189      KTM                 5: Dominic Lancett               177      KTM

6: Jack Grayshon       189      KTM                 6: Callum Beeken                 177      KTM

7: Harvey James        171      KTM                 7: James Hyett                                  172      Husky

8: Bryn Brookes         159      KTM                 8: Ryan Mundell                   168      KTM

9: Billy Duke              158      KTM                 9: Ike Carter                           156

10: Connor Jago        148      KTM                 10: William Wheeler                       147

Small Wheel 85                                              Big Wheel 85

1: Henry Siddiqui     217      CRF                  1: Josh Coleman                   207      KTM

2: Dylan Woodcock  215      TM                   2: Scooter Webster              198      KTM

3: Albie Wilkie                     213      CRF                  3: Charlie Putnam                180      CRF

4: Jake Curtis Stevens          175      KTM                 4: Henry Williams                177      KTM

5: Aaron Gordon       172      KTM                 5: David Keet                         176      KTM

6: Harry Pritchard      170                              6: Dylan Hogkins                  162      KTM

7: Adam Hill              170      KTM                 7: Lewis Dowdeswell                      159      CRF

8: Harry Winchman  163      YZ                    8: Michael Ellis                    157      CRF

9: Ethan Winchester            154      CRF                  9: Camlann MacDonald      154      CRF

10: Callum Green     153      KTM                 10: Tyron Cleaver                  151      RM

125cc                                                               MXY2

1: Rickie Roderick    225      KTM                 1: Ben Putnam                                  209      YZF

2: Danny Lanfear      201      KTM                 2: Daniel Maxey                   202      KXF

3: Jordan Bachelor   194      YZ                    3: Jay Thomas                                   202      KTM

4: Kieran Banks        185      KTM                 4: Jordan Carrier                   186      KXF

5: Callum Sloman     176      KTM                 5: Jack Tims                           176      KTM

6: Jason Wells                      152      KTM                 6: Chris Grindle                    174      KXF

7: Tom Johnson        150      KTM                 7: Mitchel Bligh                    153      KXF

8: Ryan Butler                       149      YZ                    8: Karl Haycock                      147      RMZ

9: Lee Truman                       149      RM                  9: Ryan Fellows                    146      KXF

10: Jordan King         148      KTM                 10: Toby Harkness                144      KTM

MX2                                                                MX1

1: Seb Osborne         174      YZF                  1: Jonathan Pettit                 176      YZF

2: Chuck Davies        162      CRF                  2: Tony Cuddy                                    152      CRF

3: Aaron Jenner        160      CRF                  3: Dexter Marks                    152      CRF

4: Aaron Ripon          149      CRF                  4: Dominic Foreman                        146      KTM

5: Shaun Southgate 138      CRF                  5: Dan Johnson                     141      KXF

6: Rowan Hill                        133      CRF                  6: Jake Alsop                         140      KTM

7: Matt Allen             130      KTM                 7: Mark Young                                   139      KXF

8: Piers Skinner        128      CRF                  8: Dan Latham                                  128      KXF

9: Alex Davies                       124                              9: Mathew Thomas              125      YZ

10: Jamie Austin Carter 121            CRF                  10: Max Trannah                   119      KTM

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