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BSMA GT Cup – Landrake

Round 5 of the Doodson BSMA National Motocross Series GT Cup 2012 was held at a super professional prepared track, Landrake Moto Parc. Excellent weather provided perfect conditions for top class racing in all groups.

MX1 – Started proceedings with Josh Spinks and Luke Dean both having been BSMA members in the past, entering on the day. Spinks winning the opener, unchallenged when Dean punctured early on. The situation changed in race 2 with Spinks and Dean battling almost to the end, the result always in doubt when Spinks’ front wheel baring collapsed, which left Dean a country mile in front of a chasing pack. Heavy showers during race 1 on day 2 showed the class of Luke Dean as he revelled in the conditions with Spinks unable to get close. The final moto in glorious sunshine saw Spinks showing great speed with Dean unable to keep up with the pace, both riders finished equal on points in 5th and 6th respectively. Mr Consistency Tony Cuddy, fast starting a never lower than 4th, was a deserved winner, capitalising on others misfortune. He battled all week end to keep clear of Mark Young, leading point’s scorer, after the first day and did not cope well with the mud on day 2 spoiling his chance of a top spot. Dominic Foreman looked impressive but a 9th in race 2 blew his chances, always close with the leaders of the chasing pack. Matthew Thomas not quite on his usual pace was a clear 4th.

MX2 –  Was to match the excitement of MX1 with Tommy Alba taking top spot with 3 wins and a 3rd, don’t let the scores make you think it was easy, starting with 2 hole shots to flag victories he was chased down by Daniel Thornhill and Seb Osborne who did not gate well on the day 1. Their efforts resulting in Dan Thornhill gaining 3 runner up spots and a 3rd to edge out Osborne for 2nd by just 2 points, however when he gated he won race 3 unchallenged and race 4 his last 5 laps he closed down Tommy Alba to half a second. A mistake just before the last lap flag cost him dear with Dan Thornhill a shadow at the finish. Rob Muscat had a super 1st day but did not cope quite so well in the end with James Harrison getting the better of him. On day 2 both riders finished equal on points, with Ben Putman a deserved 6th.

125cc 2 stroke – The first maximum of the week end went to Rickie Roderick once in front was never headed. Ryan Butler a disaster in race 1 looked to have spoilt any hopes of a top 3 finish, but 3 runners up spots secured him 2nd overall from the improving Lee Truman by just 2 points. Rob Holyoake was in 2nd position going into day 2 but some disappointing results dropped him to 4th overall. Paul Willis was also in the mix but a heavy crash in the final moto, whilst in the top 3 left him battered and bruised but he remounted to gain a credible 5th on the week end. Keaton Parker Butler had a disastrous race 2 but 4 good rides kept him in 6th overall in this competitive group.

MXY2 – What a battle, Oliver Osmaston with 4 wins and a 3rd came out on top but Daniel Maxey, his chances blown in his first outing but he was not deterred and came back strongly to win race 2 and was close in the next 3. Fast starting Jordan Carrier was never lower than 3rd, was always an obstacle to Osmaston, Jack Timms and George Clarke made for a consistent leading pack with Chris Grindle hole shotting race 4 to finish equal on points in 6th.

Big Wheel 85 – Always looked if it was going to be between Josh Coleman and David Keet. David’s opener a runaway victory with Coleman in 3rd. Coleman returned the compliment in races 2, 3 and 4 with Keet unable to make a serious challenge. Both riders about equal on pace with Coleman unable to catch Keet in the last moto, he finished 2nd on the podium. Henry Williams was very quick making few mistakes almost blew his 3rd spot on the last race finishing 6 points behind Charlie Putnam, who had recovered from outside the top 10 to lose 3rd position by 1 point. Oliver Benton riding his best this season had points in the bag over 6th place Camlann Macdonald.

Small Wheel 85 – Albie Wilkie although recovering from injury was to good for everyone, with maximum points left in late in his last race to get the better of Ethan Winchester who was a clear runner up in 4 races and 3rd in race 2. Henry Siddiqui did not start very well but completed his account with 3 3rd places. 4th place went to the fast starting Adam Hill who had points to spare on Aaron Gordon and Harry Pritchard.

The junior group was dominated by Gary Ashley scoring maximum points and once in front was never headed. Ryan Rolands tried hard but could not stop Ashley, never out of the top 3 his 2nd spot was never in doubt, always in control Ryan Tanner and Dominic Lancett were close all week end with Tanners 2 3rds giving him the nod at the end. Callum Beeken looked set to finish in the top 3 but a couple of mistakes dropped him down to 5th, his last race showing his form to finish in front of Tanner and Lancett. Ryan Mundell, a rider to watch, just 2 points behind Beeken in 6th.

Automatics – Another maximum for local rider Louis Kessell but he left it late in the last race to get the better of Harvey James, who was fast out of the gate in every race and never finished lower than 3rd. Bobby Bruce worked hard to get 5 good results to gain 3rd. Toby Potter the fastest started in the group but could nit stay the distance was 4th well clear of Billy Duke and Charlie Heyman.

The BSMA would like to thank everyone who helped make this a special event, track management, marshals, first aid and all our sponsors.

Round 6 at Mallory Park, see you there.

BSMA GT Cup Results, Landrake


1) Louie Kessell  225  KTM

2) Harvey James  211 KTM

3) Bobby Bruce  201   KTM

4) Toby Potter  196  KTM

5) Billy Duke  178  KTM

6) Charlie Heyman  169  KTM

7) Connor Jago 168  KTM

8. Dylan Kitto 161 KTM

9) Charlie Palmer 156 KTM

10) Vinnie Guthrie 155  KTM


1) Gary Ashley  225 KTM

2) Ryan Rolands  211 KTM

3) Ryan Tanner  188 KTM

4) Dominic Lancett  183 KTM

5) Callum Beeken  181 KTm

6) Ryan Mundell  179 KTM

7) Reagan Brooks  166 KTM

8. James Hyett  156 Husky

9) Reece Martin  155 KTM

10) Ike Carter  152 KTM

S/W 85

1, Albie Wilkie  225 CRF

2, Ethan Winchester 213 CRF

3, Henry Siddiqui  199 CRF

4, Adam Hill  193  KTM

5, Aaron Gordon  173 KTM

6, Harry Pritchard  171

7, Jack Brooker  164 KTM

8, Aiden Williams  162 KTM

9, Callum Green 157 KTM

10, Archie Osmaston 151

B/W 85

1, Josh Coleman  219 KTM

2, David Keet  213 KTM

3, Harvey Williams  193 KTM

4, Charlie Putnam  192 CRF

5, Oliver Benton  181 KTM

6, Camlann Macdonald  174 CRF

7, Lewis Dowdeswell  173 CRF

8, Josh Bunter  162 KX

9, Joe Eiffert  160 CRF

10, Ryan Deacon  150 KTM


1, Rickie Roderick 225 KTM

2, Ryan Butler 196 YZ

3, Lee Truman 194 RM

4, Rob Holyoake 183 RM

5, Paul Willis 177 YZ

6, Keaton Parker Butler 166 RM

7, Dan Britton 165 KTM

8, Adie Rice 165 YZ

9, Danny Lanfear 163 KTM

10, Jordan King 161 KTM


1, Oliver Osmaston 221

2, Daneil Maxey 208 KXF

3, Jordan Carrier 207 KXF

4, Jack Timms 180 KTM

5, George Clarke 172

6, Chris Grindle 172 KXF

7, Jack Elderidge 162

8, Ryan Fellowes 156 KXF

9, Jack Stevens 155 KXF

10, Ben Franklin 152


1, Tommy Alba 176

2, Dan Thornhill 170 RMZ

3, Seb Osborne 168 YZF

4, Rob Muscat 152 CRF

5, James Harrison 152

6, Ben Putnam 134 YZF

7, Shaun Southgate 129 CRF

8, Jack Gardiner 125

9, Lee Foyle 118

10, Matt Allen 116 KTM


1, Tony Cuddy 164 CRF

2, Mark Young 154 KXF

3, Dominic Foreman 153

4, Matthew Thomas 142 YZF

5, Josh Spinks 133

6, Luke Dean 133

7, Rob Lewis 132

8, Alan Pearce 130 KTM

9, Jack Hassell 122 KXF

10, David Taylor 111

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