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British GP Time Table

This is a brief timetable of the event so you have an idea when you’d like to come: Wednesday: Campers may begin arriving from 4pm. Thursday: VMX (race 1) AMATEUR (race 1) WMX (race 1) Friday: EMX65, EMX85, EMX125, EMX250 qualifying races. AMATEUR Superfinal MX3 qualifying. Saturday: EMX65, EMX85, EMX125, EMX250 races 1. WMX (race 2) VMX (race 2) MX1 qualifying. MX2 qualifying. MX3 races. Sunday: EMX65, EMX85, EMX125, EMX250 race two. MX1 races. MX2 races.

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08:00-08:30VMX Free Practice
08:40-09:10WMX Free Practice
09:20-09:50MX3 Free Practice
10:00-10:20Amateur Free / Timed Practice
11:10-11:40VMX Qualifying Practice
11:55-12:25WMX Qualifying Practicr
14:30-15:00MX3 Qualifying Practice
15:30Amateur Race
16:50WMX Race 1
17:40VMX Race 1
07:45-08:00EMX65 Free Practice
08:10-08:30EMX85 Free Practice
08:40-09:10EMX125 Free / Timed Practice
09:20-09:50EMX250 Free / Timed Practice
10:00-10:20EMX150 Free / Timed Practice
10:55-11:10EMX65 Time Practice
11:20-11:40EMX85 Time Practice
11:55EMX250 Semi Final Group 1
12:40EMX250 Semi Final Group 1
13:25EMX150 Qualifying Race
14:05EMX65 Qualifying Race
14:45EMX85 Qualifying Race
15:20-15:40Amateur Super Final Warm Up
15:55EMX 125 Semi Final Group 2
16:40EMX250 Semi Final Group 2
17:30EMX150 Race
18:15Amateur Super Final
07:30EMX65 Warm up
07:50EMX85 Warm up
08:15WMX Warm up
08:40VMX Warm up
09:25MX2 Free Practice
10:05MX1 Free Practice
10:45MX3 Warm up
11:25EMX65 Race 1
12:00EMX85 Race 1
12:50MX2 Pre Qualifying Practice
13:35MX1 Pre Qualifying Practice
14:20MX3 Race 1
15:15MX2 Qualifying race
16:00MX1 Qualifying race
16:50WMX Race 2
17:35VMX Race 2
18:20MX3 Race 2
07:30EMX65 Warm up
07:50EMX85 Warm up
08:10EMX125 Warm up
08:30EMX250 Warm up
08:55MX2 Warm up
09:20MX1 Warm up
10:05EMX 65 Race 2
10:35EMX 85 Race 2
11:15EMX 125 Final
12:00MX2 Grand Prix Race 1
13:00MX1 Grand Prix Race 1
14:51MX2 Grand Prix Race 2
15:57MX1 Grand Prix Race 2
17:00EMX 250 Final

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