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British GP Competition

We have some tickets available to give away to lucky winners…!

All you have to do to be in with a shout is to come up with an answer to either of the following. The best answers chosen by Jeff and James will win tickets to the British GP this weekend.

What would you recommend MX Vice doing to reach Motocrossers who’ve not heard of the site yet?


What new feature would you most like to see on the site?

You have until 8pm tonight to get your answers in. Winners will be announced on the site tomorrow morning.

Get creative guys and girls!!

P.S. You can enter as many times as you wish 🙂


  1. emxphoto Post author

    I would say that’ having a lot more advertising in national and local press and even on the TV would not only help people become aware of MX VICE but would raise the profile of British MX ! I’m sure that a fair while ago MX was shown on grandstand and was quite well represented on uk television and to me this is what needs to happen again! Yes I know that the Maxxis events are shown on Sky but not everyone has access to those channels! I would like to see British MX on BBC, ITV or what ever standard channel wants to show it!

  2. Monda Post author

    I would like to see young guys starting out on their career get access to pro’s who are willing to help them get better and faster. The forum could be used as the point of contact for advice in all aspects of motocross from fitness , technique , how to move forward from where they are. Priceless info that some can never get access to.

  3. Monda Post author

    With all the channels these days why can’t British championship mx be one one ? Good point.

  4. lozox

    You could ask each schoolboy club to pick a rider to send over a race report, results and pictures from each of their meetings. This way it would also help promote both ways 🙂

  5. ollie141 Post author

    I think that hosting an event would raise the profile of MXVice and British MX the most. Although there are many events every weekend across the country, these are generally only accessible to those already within the sport, I feel that a specially tailored festival would be greatly beneficial to boosting the profile of MX.
    In a similar way to the Olympics try and teach young people about sports and get them involved, a motocross festival could do the same by encouraging people new to the sport to come along and learn about it and how to get involved. With MXVice being the host it would raise their profile both within and outside of motocross circles.

  6. yzrider11 Post author

    An idea to drive more traffic to MX Vice, and also Facebook/Twitter pages would be to after every brit champs, redbull, GP have an amateur photo comp as well on your website, Narrow it down to say 5 then then give them a week to get the votes in! They will then all go to facebook drive their mates to your website and social media sights to cast their votes!Its a great way to try make things go viral for you guys. You could also look at maybe doing a video comp once a month?

  7. beefysmum37

    How about links to all motocross clubs and their federations so that everyone has only one place to link up to all clubs – also
    How about a calendar with ALL race meets on, from club meets to GPs

  8. ollie141 Post author

    You could add an unsung hero award that would go out to a rider of any level who has been producing great results who remains under the radar.
    Perhaps also you could incorporate a sponsors page, where those sponsors wanting to support riders moving up could see a list of those doing well, while advertising themselves for sponsorship, therefore giving the riders and sponsors greater exposure and also aiding those who aren’t just at the very top of the sport.

  9. ade Post author

    I think an interesting new fetature could be a ‘fans view’ from the maojor races – we all get to see the press releases , video interviews etc from teams, riders and organisers after the events but maybe interviews with a handful of random fans each time whether it be video, sound or written interview, may give a more honest and frank reflection on meetings as a whole – what they enjoyed, what they didnt, what could be better etc, just another way that we could get opinion on how mx can better from the paying public, instead of those involved that have to say what the ‘big wigs’ want!

  10. tonysaunders58 Post author

    Maybe do holeshot awards, give out free stickers so everyone wears them! go around your home town and put stickers everywhere…cinema, mcdonalds..anywhere! it would be cool to have live stream on your phone when you want to watch the AMA but your away in the campa…

  11. davis284

    you could visit skateparks around your local area handing out stickers, a lot of young riders spend their weekends either racing or at the skatepark, these kids will come home, put their stickers on their mx bikes, scooters, cars, everywhere. people here there and everywhere will see your stickers and check out your website. also, sponsoring young riders who ride with school boy clubs would promote you to the wider racing community. Having a stand at the GP with a screen of your videos and leaflets with what the site is about will directly inform the motocross enthusiasts about you.

  12. kennyrogers

    get every one on fb, to tell 5 of their friends, about the sit, and they are asked to pass the message on to 5 more different friends, with in no time, mx vice will be global, they say 5 people will pan out to every one, just by passing the mesage on to 5..people,,,,,A run down on all the teams, and who, is in them, main or side lined, who gives the best deals, what presure is on the riders to keep the deals, whos going where next year and whos, looking like they are going to star next year,,

  13. mxdude

    This is the message I posted on facebook oops it was in wrong place….

    Stephen Clutty My comment for the free tickets looking for 3 if I win…;-). Does anyone remember the old dirt bike magazines or moto x action where they had a section solely for riding tips from the pros. So the idea is have anther tab on ur site for weekly riding tips with pic and videos and I am sure you will have people login back in each week… Cheers
    11 hours ago · Like

  14. mxdude

    Maybe Starting a “pit chicks ” but they need to have the MX Vice sticker anywehere they dare.!!!..:-) sure you will get a lot of intrest on that.

  15. meganspence97

    I think advertising in local motocross magazines, newspaper’s or on coverage of motocross on the tv! i think this would not just help people aware of british motocross racing it would make people aware of MX VICE!

  16. meganspence97

    A new feature i would like to see on MX VICE, would be race reports from a different person from each race, as being from Northern Ireland we dont get to hear about the up and coming racers from the rest of GB ! and the local news that happens in races over the sea as we dont get to go to often!

  17. meganspence97

    I also think to get you noticed you could sponsor local races! or get people to put your sticker/logo on peoples graphics!

  18. meganspence97

    I think you should put videos up of the all the local races, so everyone can see what racing is like in different areas!

  19. Burf Post author

    Winners have been chosen just waiting on Youthstream on what we need to do next.. You will be contacted shortly by email if you have one!

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