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British Championships Round 2 Canada Heights

MX2 Qualifying has started… tonus on top at the moment..

MX2 Superpole about to begin! Here we go.. They are all out now..

Tonus just done a 2.07.5 in superpole!!

Superpole Result!
Aubin 2.09

MX1 out for practice..

Karro, Simpson, whatley all susing out the track.. Strijbos flying already! 20 mins of practice/qualifying to go..

Nev Bradshaw reports a technical issue contributed to his 9th in qualifying.

Karro leading at the moment from sword and dougan in qualifying…

Krestinov sneaks into 3rd…Gregory 12th..

Into superpole go..

De Reuver

Superpole results

De reuver

MX2 race 1

Tonus down, cotrell and Irwin down…

Irwin looks serious..

Irwin back up thankfully and walking back to the pics. Tonus down still. Back to racing and bry Mack is leading!

MaCk, ebb, aubin, lenoir, Bradshaw, carless, booker, tombs

Mack still leading, ebb gone down. Lenoir up to 3rd and looking super fast!

Aubin leads! Mack, lenoir… 1 sec behind in Bradshaw then ebb..

Lap5 lenoir takes 2nd!

French 1-2 at the moment.. Aubin and lenoir! Bradshaw, Mack, pocock (last to 5th) ebb, carless, booker, tombs, keet, rowson!

2 laps to go!

Mx2 race 1 result..

Aubin wins!! Lenoir, Bradshaw, pocock, ebb, Mack, booker, carless, tombs, keet, rowson, Walkeley, sterry, hardwood, Watson

MX1 race 1

Clean start sword, snow de reuver

Ross Keyworth 18th just behind karro!

Lap3 sword out front and looking fast.. De Reuver, Simpson, whatley, snow, dougan, krestinov, Parker, Gregory

Lap 7 de reuver all over sword!

De Reuver leads, sword 2nd, Simpson close in 3rd.. 2 laps to go!

Last lap, can de reuver win?

Great result for de reuver!! He takes the win! Sword, Simpson, whatley, dougan, krestinov, Parker, karro, Strijbos, snow, coutts, law Gregory, Barr, waterman, smith, may, greedy, Garrett…

mX2 race 2

Ebb leading, pocock, cotrell, aubin, Bradsha, Edmonds, rowson, Thompson

Lap 5 ebb still leading, pocock, Mack, aubin, Bradshaw, Edmonds, cotrell, Thompson, rowson…

Lap 7 pocock leads! Ebb on his tail though…

Lap 8 pocock, ebb, aubin, bradshaw, Mack, Edmonds, Thompson, remmer, Ericsson

Mx2 race 2 result

Ebb took the win by a bike length from pocock!aubin, bradshaw, Mack, Edmonds, Thompson, remmer, Ericsson, houghton, Walkeley, b.pocock, reville, carless, booker, Kelly

Mx1 race2

….about to start

Karro holeshot, whatley, Simpson, de reuver and dougan all went down and are last!

Keyworth 13th!!

Lap 4 karro leads, Strijbos, sword, Parker Barr snow, coutts, may, bird, cremers, moffatt, smith, waterman, krestinov, Keyworth

Lap 5 Barr takes Parker for 4th.. Parker not giving up though! Coutts takes snow.

Lap 7 karro Strijbos, sword, Barr, Parker, coutts, snow, may, smith, whateley, bird, moffatt, waterman, Garrett

Last lap, karro, Strijbos, sword, Barr, Parker, coutts, whatley, snow, Simpson, may

Result mx1 race 2
Karro, Strijbos, sword, Barr, Parker, coutts, whatley, snow, Simpson, may, smith, waterman, moffatt

Keyworth 20th!

Mx2 race 3

Ebb leading but Bradshaw close behind!

Lap 3 ebb leading Bradshaw by a second.. Lenoir staying with them and pocock charging behind.. Hot as hell out there at the moment, shadows from the trees on the track making it hard to pick the bumps out..

Lap 5 ebb, bradshaw(fastest lap), pocock, lenoir, aubin, Walkele, keet, booker, remmer, tombs, Edmonds, carless

Race stopped because of an injury to reville.. Race stands.
Official results are:
Ebb wins, Bradshaw, pocock, lenoir, Mack, Walkeley, keet, bokker, remmer, tombs.

Ebb overall, Bradshaw then pocock.

Mx1 race 1…
Site lap completed… Last race here we go..

Karro with the holeshot, Simpson and sword following!

Lap 3 karro, Simpson, sword, krestinov, Barr, Strijbos, coutts, whatley, de Reuver

Lap 5 karro Simpson open a big lead on the rest, sword in 3rd and Strijbos charging!!

Lap7 karro down! Simpson leads!

Lap 8 Simpson, Strijbos, karro, krestinov, sword,

2 laps left, Simpson leads. Strijbos, karro, krestinov, sword, dereuver, whatley, coutts

Simpson wins! Strijbos, karro, krestinov, sword, de reuver, whatley, Barr, coutts, law, snow, a.smith, j.smith,wilde, waterman, moffatt


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