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Brief Summary of ACU Enquiry

Following events at round one of the Maxxis Championship held a Hilton Park, the ACU held an enquiry at Rugby on Wednesday 25th March.

Chaired by John Collins, the ACU Deputy Chairman, the Board of ACU Events Ltd, members of the ACU’s Motocross Committee met with three team principals and an importer and held a detailed and frank discussion on the events of the day and areas of which caused concern about the conduct of the meeting.

A more detailed report of the meeting will be published shortly but the key resolutions the meeting came up with are:

  • Steve McCauley will assume the position of Race Director at Rounds Two and Three of the Championship
  • Stuart Drummond will assume the role of Acting Series Manager
  • Whilst the Medical Cover provided at Round 1 exceeded the ACU’s minimum requirement, significant improvement to Medical Cover will be implemented shortly.
  • Over the next few weeks, ACU Events Ltd and the ACU Motocross Committee and the Series Promotor will be putting together a management structure that will be responsible for each round of the Championship
  • Ahead of this enquiry, the ACU Motocross Committee investigated their earlier decision to impose place penalties and conclude that they did not comply with the NSC. As a result, the four penalties issued in the first MX2 race have been rescinded.

Image: Ade Threasher

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  1. antelle27

    motocrossvice steps in the right direction! Does that mean the riders will get their points back? How does this work?

  2. motocrossvice

    antelle27 Yep, it seems Sterry, Kahro, Putnam and Kellett will all get their points back from MX2 moto one.

  3. garethrhlmx

    motocrossvice so what has changed? Yes done correct thing over riders but everything is the same!!!!

  4. Christian Packer

    Good news is the penalties being rescinded and the medical cover! The fact the ACU Events Ltd and the motocross committee is putting together a structure that will be responsible for each round of the championship! That means the the Fat Controller is going to have even more control over it all! All everyone wants is for Higgins to leave because with him there it’s killing it!

  5. Dominic Durkan

    The only way to get rid of Higgins is boycott all ACU events Ltd. …with no money to be made he will be gone. ….We need to take a leaf out of the way the French deal with things and all stand united

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