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Brad Anderson is now a MX Vice blogger!!

Yep, that’s right. Ando has seen the light and joined the MX Vice revolution for British MX. The reigning British MX1 champion is going to be keeping all of his UK fans up to date exclusively here on MX Vice. We’re pumped to have Ando on board because lets face it, the bloke is a true Brit who loves MX racing…..just like us and you guys. So fanfare at the ready, here’s Ando’s first blog…..

Hey everyone, it’s cool to be a part of MX Vice from down under in Oz! Feels like I’m not missing out and I’m part of the vibe.

I am going to keep you all updated on what I’m doing and my racing every month so eyes down here we go. Well I’ve been fighting to get points back all season due to a DNF I had with a mechanical fault in the first round so I’ve been pushing hard probably to hard to get points back. I’ve been really inconsistent which isn’t like me at all but think I’ve been pushing to hard and silly little slip off’s have been happening.

I’ve got Chris my old mechanic out here now helping with my bike, it’s set up is a lot better now. As soon as he touched down in Melbourne we went straight out testing so I’m hoping for some good solid races for the last couple of rounds. We have a five week break and after the last two rounds I’ll be really busy getting prepared for the Supercross. There is going to be four rounds which are all over Australia. When we first came out to Melbourne it was red hot summer and I was doing a lot of outdoors on my racer bike and training which was nice as you don’t get to do that in England with the weather! It has cooled down a lot now and were in winter so I’ve joined the gym but I prefer to train outdoors.

We fly to all the race meetings as Australia is so big the travelling reminds me of the GP’s where you fly a lot. The tracks are totally different to England and GP tracks, they’re very fast one liney tracks and they don’t get very rutted. They don’t have many spectators here either, I suppose it’s because it’s such a big country and spread out. People in England tend to travel to all the races and it’s the same faces at every round but not over here. The rigs and setup however over here are massive.

The race format changed here this year and it’s two 15 min races, about 6 laps back to back and you have five minutes in between and you’re not allowed to refuel or change bike unless you can prove there is a problem. We then have a break and have a thirty minute moto in the afternoon which is much more suited to me. It’s different here, that’s for sure and I do miss things from home.

The main things I miss about home is taking Rocky to the racing and having my friends and fans there to support me. Also we stay in hotels and I do miss my camper and the feeling of staying at the track with my mates and other riders. Its that silly season time and I haven’t decided what’s happening next year but I am in talks with teams here in Australia but also in the UK,  I’ll keep you posted!

Anyway we’ve got the last two rounds coming up, so next month I can let you know what went on with them and who knows, I might have my ride for 2013 sorted by then. Until next month, enjoy the rest of summer over there as much as I’ll do all I can to enjoy winter here!

All the best. Ando #60

MX Vice Editor || 25

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