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BOS: Anthony Rodriguez

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It became apparent that Anthony Rodriguez had left the BOS Factory team earlier this week, as the Hutten Metaal Yamaha team announced that he would compete in the remaining rounds of the FIM Motocross World Championship for them. BOS Factory remained tight-lipped at that point, but released an intriguing statement moments ago. The full press release from the team, unedited from the original post on social media (excuse their spelling mistakes), can be viewed below.

Anthony Rodriguez: “I love Europe and the MXGP is really where I want to race. Thanks to Olivier and the BOS Factory for their welcome.

After my back injury in Lommel, I stayed in Belgium around the KEMEA team with all my friends and even tried to race one small race in Belgium with them. It was a big mistake from my side, not respecting my BOS Factory-Kawasaki Europe contract.

I thought I would be faster on another bike and wasn’t. I thought my back will allow me to race at 100% but it didn’t. I really apologise for this mistake, and now I prefer to focus on the future.”

Olivier Bossard: “Anthony has all my respect. It’s tough to race professionnaly at this level and we did what we could to please him by giving him the opportunity to come and race here in MXGP. I’m sad to see him react like that and we all miss the Anthony from last year also. But at one point, it’s not the bike and he has to admit it.

The 450KXF is an awesome bike, and our technology added to it scored this year 10 top 15 in MXGP + the leadership in the British Championship. What he did is unacceptable for the team, the sponsors and the people working daily at BOS Factory.

I’m also sad to see other teams signing riders without asking an official realease. But I will never block a young racer to do what he loves the most. That’s why we directly found a gentleman aggreement, allowing everybody to move forward.”

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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