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Boog steps up, Gonçalves careful due to injuries

The ninth MX GP in Maggiora was raced today in very hot conditions. ICE1Racing rider Xavier Boog had excellent starts in both motos and his speed was very good. Only small mistakes shaped Boog’s overall result as ninth, yet his return to the MX World Championship circuit has been very strong and promising. Portuguese rider Rui Gonçalves struggled with minor injuries, which took his momentum. Gonçalves finished sixteenth this weekend.
The ninth round of the MX World Championship was raced on the legendary motocross track of Maggiora. Very hot conditions pushed the MX riders to their limits as the Italian motocross fans witnessed a great battle of the GP points on a very slick track.

The French ICE1Racing rider Xavier Boog had a very good qualification race yesterday as he finished fifth and expectations for the motos were high. Boog had very good starts in both of the motos and especially in the second moto he was able to attack well in the beginning as he took Cairoli on the second round.

“My both starts were good today, I’m very happy with them. And also my speed is very good now, better than in the practice yesterday”, commented satisfied Boog after the races and continued

“My second moto was better than the first moto. Even though I crashed twice in the second moto, I was able to push and fight really well. The track was really nice and I must say that it feels good to be riding without pain again.”

Boog finished eighth in the first moto and ninth in the second moto.

The Portuguese ICE1Racing rider Rui Gonçalves struggled with several minor injuries this weekend, which affected his results in today’s motos. Gonçalves bruised his triceps yesterday in the qualifying race and his twisted right knee from last weekend added unwanted carefulness into his riding today.

Gonçalves finished thirteenth in the first moto and seventeenth in the second moto.

“Rui had a difficult weekend, all the small injuries kept adding up. The past two weekends have been very demanding for the riders, the small break is very welcomed. For Rui the break is crucial, so that he can vent a little and rehab the injuries. I’m sure that he returns strong to the north European tour in two weeks time”, commented the team manager Antti Pyrhönen after the race.

“Xavier had a very positive weekend. His performance level is rising round by round, which builds up his condition and self esteem tremendously. He will be very tough as the tour comes to Scandinavia”, boosted Pyrhönen.

“The riding feels good now and I’m sure after the small break I’m ready to do my best in the Scandinavian GPs and I already look forward to returning to Finland”, summed Boog his near future plans.

Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) won the first moto with Ken de Dycker BEL (KTM) second and Gautier PaulinFRA (Kawasaki) third. Paulin won the second moto, Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) was second and de Dycker third. Paulin took the victory in the GP classification, de Dycker was second and Cairoli third. Xavier Boog finished ninth in the GP classification and Rui Gonçalves was sixteenth.

Antonio Cairoli leads the overall classification, Rui Gonçalves kept his ninth position with 180 points and Xavier Boog rose two positions to thirteenth with his 136 points.

The next GP will be raced in Uddevalla, Sweden on June 30th.

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