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Boog retuns to top ten and finishes ninth, Gonçalves solid twelfth

The eighth GP of the FIM MX World Championship tour was raced today in Ernée. The ICE1Racing riders had great starting positions from yesterday’s qualifying race. Xavier Boog was able to use it well in the second moto with a finish on the seventh position, in the first moto he finished fourteenth. Rui Gonçalves had a solid first moto with a finish on the tenth place, however, the crash in the start of the second moto held him back and he finished twelfth.

France hosted the eighth GP of the World Championship season today on the hard packed track of Ernée. Yesterday’s qualifying race gave the ICE1Racing riders good starting positions as Xavier Boog had finished on the podium and Rui Gonçalves eighth. The narrow track demanded good starts in today’s motos.

“Unfortunately the first start wasn’t the best possible for our riders, which affected the results in the finish. Rui was able to push hard all through the moto and finished solid tenth. However, Xavier’s race was broken by mistakes which lead into two crashes”, commented team manager Antti Pyrhönen after the first moto.

Gautier Paulin FRA (Kawasaki) won the battle with Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) who finished second. Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) finished third in the first moto.

Boog was able to use his good starting position better in the second moto and came to the first turn second right behind Antonio Cairoli.

“The mistakes Xavier made in the first moto were more than natural after a small break from racing. His second moto proved that his race condition is good considering the break, the race was very clean with solid riding,” described Pyrhönen.

Gonçalves on the other hand was very unfortunate. He got caught in the crash at the start and was forced to climb position by position.

“Rui twisted his knee in the crash after the start, which colored his second moto. He finished still twelfth, yet the race could have been very good considering that Rui has been very strong through out the season in the second motos”, commented Pyrhönen and continued “We will ice the knee and hope it will be enough for the next week.”

Boog finished strong seventh in the second moto.

“I am very happy with the comeback. Of course the mistakes were unfortunate, yet overall I am satisfied for the weekend and relieved that my speed and condition are on a good level”, commented satisfied Boog after the GP.

“I am glad that Xavier had a solid return to the GP circuit and that he was able to show his strength riding wise in the second moto. I believe that we can wait yet better results in the future GPs from him”, boosted Pyrhönen.

Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) won the GP along with the second moto. Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) was second in the second moto and Tommy Searle GBR (Kawasaki) finished third. Overall in the GP Gautier Paulin was second and Clement Desalle third.

Rui Gonçalves holds currently the ninth position with 168 points in the Wolrd Championship classification and Xavier Boog is fifteenth with 111 points. The next GP will be race in Maggiora, Italy next weekend on June 16th.

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