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So its been a pretty up and down month to be honest, ill start from where i left off last time which was just getting ready for the dutch gp at valkenswarrd.

The week before the race me Wragster and Brother Browne headed over to Belgium to get some much needed testing done with WP, I’ve really been struggling to get the bike feeling good this year we seem to be able to get it feeling good on one track and on another its terrible so we are just going around in circles really. So testing on Tuesday we headed to Veldhoven in Holland its a pretty gnarly track and one of those that if you are having a bad day its a really bad day but fortunately i was having a good day so it was all good, Brother Browne’s Navigation skills where dire on the way to the track and it took us about 1:30  longer than it should have but we made it.
Its pretty cool ridding in Holland and Belgium as you can pretty much guarantee any track you go to you will see a GP rider there which is good to judge your speed and push you. We got through some suspension that day i can tell you and we found a pretty good setting.
I wanted to make sure it was still going to work well on a different track so the next day we headed to Lommel.
Lommel is literally a stones throw away from the team workshop so its pretty easy going ridding there you don’t even have to load the bikes up i can ride from the track back to the workshop, Lommel was good it was very rough but when is it not  and i felt the best i had done on the bike all year and most importantly so did the suspension.
At the end of the day i went out do do some sprint laps with Dunny but i  miss timed a big bump tucked the front and sampled the Belgium sand hard my arse took most of the impact so its a good job i have a biggen but gave my self the worst dead leg which i still can feel now which was a pretty shitty end to my day and the weeks ridding.
My arse was still killing me I felt as if I had been raided by Rylan walking the track on Saturday, The track  was looking prime the new layout was sick and being  ran the other way which was a nice change so I was excited to get out there and kill it on Sunday.
The track on Sunday was frozen solid it was so  sketchy and the gnarliest bumps where forming as the track just wasn’t soft enough i really struggled in both sessions to get a good time and was ridding like a tosser to be fair.
i always seem to struggle a bit in the timed session but seem to turn it around in the race, i definitely need to sort that out though as it makes my job hard.
I managed to turn it around in the quali race and finished 11th so i had a ok pick for the gate for the races.
Sunday morning once again was frozen by the time race 1 came around it had started to thaw out i got a pretty bad start in race 1 but made some good passes on lap one and worked my way into the top 15 but half way through my forks broke which meant i had to pull out, i was pissed as all we seem to have in gps is stupid bike problems and bad luck i thought that was all out of the way but no..
All that testing in the week seemed like it was no no avail as i really didn’t feel good on the bike so for race 2 I got my dad to put my practice suspension in and what a difference it made, i got a good start and held my position all race to finish a career best 7th which i was pretty happy about especially in the sand.
Local Race
For me Lyng was terrible on paper it looked good but from a personal point of view it was crap, I rode real bad there I just did not feel confident in my bike set up and everything we tried we just could not seem to get it right I just spent the whole day fighting my bike and had to just ride around really which was a real shame as I would have loved to try and put up more of a fight to Jake and being my local race I wanted to put on a better performance  but that wasn’t the case and i got smoked.
With all that stuff behind us it was back to the hard pack and time to prepare for the Italian GP.
I was really looking forward to getting back to the hard tracks as we have had a lot of sand races recently and a lot of berm bashing so i was looking forward to some throttle control.
On Wednesday Me and factory went out testing to try and get my suspension feeling a bit better and we succeeded.
The bike felt amazing and most impotently I felt good to back to my self on the bike i had my confidence back in the bike i felt like i could hit anything and put the bike where i wanted i was pumped.  I hadn’t felt so good on the bike all year and i was loving it but then it bit me! I hit a bump a little wrong and the back wheel stepped out  which was no biggy i just thought pin it and it will come back but the old girl never came back she just got bigger and bigger and bigger and spat me off in the shape of a high side, i landed hard on my shoulder and head i was laying there thinking what a T^*t what have you done i got up pretty slow and my bike was mangled there was a paramedic at the track that day and he checked me over and there didn’t seem as if there was any serious damage so i loaded up and headed home.
I had 2 days to get ready for the GP and i couldn’t even lift my arms up, how was i going to ride!!
i dosed up on pain killers and iced the shoulders up by the time i had to leave on friday my shoulders where feeling a lot better so i thought i would give it a go and try to ride.
I went out in practice and it was much worse than i had thought, the pain wasn’t so bad but it was the weakness i couldn’t ride with, i just couldn’t hold my weight up on the bike so i had to pull out of the GP i was gutted the track really suited my style but thats motocross and these things happen.
So i will fly back and get my self sorted this week so i can be fit and ready to do my best next week in Bulgaria.
thanks for taking the time to read this guys and go check out my new site its live now and there is a quiz on there to test out your mx knowledge so see how you do.
till next time keep safe and keep it lit
Picture By Kev Reid

MX Vice Editor || 25

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