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Big Changes At S.M. Ellis KTM

There has been some big changes and happenings going on this week at the team. Firstly you may have noticed have stepped up to the mark to become the team’s title sponsor.

Due to this we will now be known as S.M. Ellis / We Do Motocross KTM.

Big news went out on Thursday as well with the split between Dee-Jay Walker & S.M. Ellis KTM at the time. Dee-Jay came to us saying it just wasn’t right for him, and on mutual agreement decided to part ways for the remainder of the 2013 season.

On to another change, Jake Preston whom originally signed with the team to contest in the MX1 class has made a switch into MX2. You will see him compete Pro MX2 at the remainder of the AMCA British Masters, as well as in both MX2 & the Nationals class in the SMXF Nationals. Along with this at select Red Bull Pro Nationals and also some club championship meetings in the A Class.

After a lot of thought, and some painstaking decisions Sean has also decided to take a step back from racing this season. Sean admits his fitness just isn’t where it should be, nor where he thought it was, and with a current fractured heal, and fitness dwindling away has decided it would be best to sit back, train hard and come back next season swinging, and a lot more prepared. On top of this with managing the team deserves 100% focus, if not more in the first season of the team.

The weekends race results!

Mike Wall team MXY2 rider was at the Foxhills for the 2nd round of the AMCA British Masters. Mike took a 16-22-19-19 scorecard to take 17th overall over the weekend.

Jake Preston team MX2 rider was at Barnoldswick putting in some testing on the hardpack to get ready for the SMXF Nationals at Duns. Jake stormed race 1 for the win by almost a minute over 2nd. Race 2 saw Jake have a topple in the 2nd corner, remounting in last but fighting hard through the extremely wet track to take another win for 1st overall.

Harry Cross team MX2 rider was at Rhynie practice track all weekend coming off of a badly sprained ankle from Round 2 of the Woodside championship. Harry was going excellent and looks great going into the SMXF Nationals at Duns.

All in all it’s been an extremely busy week for the team, a lot of hard decisions been made, and a team regroup going into Duns.

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