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Belfast AX Night Two: Podium Interviews

We caught up with the podium finishers at the end of Saturday night to get their thoughts on their race, and also spoke to the popular LCQ winner and home hero, Gordon Crockard.

Fabien Izoird (Main Event Winner): “I won the head to head so I was very confident for the main. But, you can be the fastest, crash and not win in the main event. But, I just needed a good start and I pushed hard the first lap. I saw Steven was fast but made many mistakes so I decided to wait until the last laps and before the last lap I tried the inside and made the pass then we touched in the next corner and he crashed but I managed to stay on the bike and win.

I am very happy for LPE Maxxis Kawasaki team; I have a great feeling on the bike. It’s only the first race so I would like to stay focused on riding like I am at home. I need to have good starts, no mistakes and finish with good points every time to win the championship.”

Steven Clarke (Second Place): “It is what it is. I am only one point down in the points and I’m still in one piece. We are both battling for the points and I couldn’t expect anything more than an aggressive pass from him and I got unlucky trying to pass him back and clipped the hay bales. I’m healthy and it’s on to my home round next week in Birmingham so I will have a lot friends and family there cheering me on, and hopefully I can take the points lead back.

The head to head was a similar story. Just a rookie mistake and washed the front wheel in the corner and threw away that extra point that I needed. But I am happy it was a 1-2 on the weekend.  No one wins medals in practice; it is the mains that count. I just wanted to make it through with a good gate pick. When it’s go time we all know when to drop the hammer and pick the speed up. I am really thankful I have a good team behind me, Dyer and Butler racing, to help me get on the podium.”

Elliott Banks-Browne (Third Place): “I even crashed in the final there, which was a bit stupid; I just need to get rid of these silly mistakes. I feel like I am riding within myself and not being aggressive enough. Steven is getting out there and really attacking the track, I think I need to attack it a bit more. I just wanted to finish the races because I had never done these before and I didn’t know what to expect.

Last night I thought I had the speed to get on the podium but I blew it. My first crash was silly and the second one wasn’t really my fault because he had an issue with the clutch lever and I looped it out like a goon. But, I made up for it tonight so I am really happy.”

LCQ winner, Gordon Crockard: I found it so frustrating yesterday. I hate to lay blame on anything other than myself, but I had freak situation with my bike. I couldn’t get it running and I didn’t get out in one of the timed qualifiers so went to the gate eleventh. I got a bad start because of the position, bad qualifying and into the LCQ and just didn’t get the result in the LCQ last night.

I enjoyed the track more last night, although I rode well tonight, I was in the LCQ again. I got out of the gate second and Mackenzie fell and I won race. It was so easy and I didn’t even pull a tear off!  I didn’t get the start in the main event and did what I had done all weekend and rode around with the guy in front of me.

It’s brilliant (to win a race in front of the home fans) I know it’s an LCQ but the people don’t care they just want something to shout about. I think people feel they have some sort of attachment to me because of where I’m from and I’m really pleased that I am received that way from the crowd – it’s great.

Interviews: Jonathan McCready

Image: Paul McCready

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