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Baggett To Race GP’s ?

Defending 250 US National champion Blake Baggett says he would like to race in the world championship – if he got a good offer!

Speaking to US website in their ‘know your racer’ feature, Blake admitted:”I definitely would be interested in going over there for sure. It’s cool going over there, the tracks are awesome, so it definitely would be interesting.”
Of course actually doing it is another story but with Pro Circuit having a presence in both series it isn’t impossible, especially since every MX2 GP team is looking for a rider who can challenge Herlings for the title in 2014.
Baggett of course is is good at both supercross and motocross but it is outdoors he has really shined in the last couple of seasons and that expertise is perfect if you want to win the world motocross championship, especially when late race charges and fitness are two of your key attributes.
If you are a top MX2 GP team it might just be worth a phone call to Blake Baggett. If there is anyone on an MX2 bike next season who could give Herlings a run it could be this guy.
Baggett also has other motivation to race GPs, he could be America’s best chance of getting their first world crown since Bobby Moore in 1994!
But can it really happen? Let’s wait and see… But the US national champion versus the World champion in the 2014 MX2 world champ is a mouthwatering prospect!
Article by Jonathan McCready

MX Vice Editor || 25

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