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Ask Vice Anything: #1

After attending many events on different continents, the MX Vice team have acquired answers to a lot of questions that you may have. That is why it seemed like a brilliant idea to open things up in this new feature! If you have something on your mind and want to be featured, email [email protected] or get in contact via our various social media channels.

“What is happening with Tim Gajser? What are his plans for the future?” asked Daniel Osinaga on the MX Vice Facebook page. 

You know, a lot of people consider this old news now. There are readers out there, just like yourself, who completely missed the press release though and will be thankful that you asked that question. Tim Gajser has made no secret about the fact that he is desperate to move to the USA on a full-time basis at some point, but has now signed an extension with HRC that means he will be stuck in MXGP for the next two years at least. It was a surprise when the news first broke at the beginning of December, admittedly, but it really does make a lot of sense.


Tim Gajser has committed to MXGP for another two seasons.

Honda Racing Corporation

HRC have no need for an additional superstar in the United States, as they have Ken Roczen locked up until the end of next year and then Cole Seely is there too. Both riders are extremely capable and would most likely outperform Tim Gajser in supercross each and every week. If they move Gajser over through that time, they would effectively be putting all of their eggs into one basket. All of the Grand Prix protagonists are locked up through the same period, for instance, so they would face the prospect of being winless in the FIM Motocross World Championship.

One must question whether Tim Gajser is going to make the move at all now though, as he’ll be twenty-three when this current contract expires. That is obviously quite young still, but a majority of successful expats make the switch much earlier than that. Gajser will be more settled into the FIM Motocross World Championship at that point, you see, and may even inch closer to some records. It seems as though his future is up in the air, but he will certainly spend the next two seasons in Europe. – @_LewisPhillips


Stefan Everts will not be at the races next year, as he strives to take it easy.

Suzuki Racing

“What has happened to the whole Suzuki effort that Stefan [Everts] was running now that the Suzuki backing has ended? Has it closed down or is something else in the pipeline?” asked @Joff11 on Twitter. 

I am surprised how much this question comes through, as it was answered in our exclusive interview with Stefan Everts in October. Everts stated that he will focus on taking it easy this year and also helping Liam, his son, with his riding. There is no doubt that he will pop up at the odd MXGP round, but it will not be in an official capacity. Harry Everts, on the other hand, is going to be at the races as a coach for Pauls Jonass, as he took over from Marc de Reuver a couple of months ago.

There were rumours floating around at the Motocross of Nations that Stefan was going to start up a privateer Husqvarna team and move forward with Jeremy Seewer, but that idea never really got off the ground. Seewer ended up at Wilvo Yamaha MXGP, Arminas Jasikonis signed for Assomotor Honda, Kevin Strijbos is on a Standing Construct KTM and Zachary Pichon is on a privateer KTM team. Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaessen have both landed on the new 114 Motorsports team. There you go, the entire Suzuki situation is summed up there. It is officially over. – @_LewisPhillips


Evgeny Bobryshev is still aiming to race as many as MXGP rounds as possible.

Honda Racing Corporation

“Evgeny Bobryshev has an AX deal, but no full MXGP deal. Is there any chance that we see him at the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina?” asked @Simon_Finne on Twitter.

I am honestly glad that I get to voice an opinion on this. When Evgeny Bobryshev first announced his plans for the fast-approaching season, I immediately presumed that he would be able to back out of his Lombard Express Suzuki deal as soon as a fill-in ride in the FIM Motocross World Championship opens up. That is not the case, however, and he even made it seem as though he is not interested in doing that. Although he is eager to attend as many rounds as possible, he hopes to do that with support from Neil Prince and Suzuki UK.

It seems that they are penciled in for seven MXGP rounds at the moment, which is going to be quite the step up for the Lombard Express Suzuki team. Based on the British schedule that Bobryshev must adhere to, which includes the Maxxis British Championship and Michelin MX Nationals, he will be able to attend either RedSand or Valkenswaard. I am not even sure how prepared he’ll be at that point though, as the AX World Tour will not allow too much time for riders to sink their teeth into testing for the outdoors. – @_LewisPhillips

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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