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Ashley Wilde – Red Bull Pro Nationals Canada Heights

This weekend we decided to late enter and race the Red Bull pro nationals, this would be the first one we had done all year.

After a nightmare trip getting to Canada Heights, Kent the track was in prime condition with what looked like some pretty cool changes.

Qualifying: After a good free practice session I felt good going in to qualifying, I keyed some good laps in straight away. The times was very close and a second was huge in where it put you in the order. I ended the session on 21st out of everyone mx1/mx2 and 12th MX1 which wasn’t great but with the times being so close I wasn’t really off the pace.

Race 1: I didn’t make a great start but I was good round the first two corners and came out inside the top 15. I rode a good race and stayed out of trouble and was battling with some good guys all the way to the end where I crossed the line in 12th mx1/mx2 and 8th MX1

Race 2: Again I didn’t make a good start and this time I got caught up in the first turn with another rider meaning I set off right at the back. I put the hammer down straight away but the track wasn’t the best for passing and there was also a lot of good riders in the race which made it really difficult to catch up. I kept going all through the race to end up 17th in the race and 11th MX1

Race 3: The track was gnarly by this point of the weekend and it had began to bake hard. I got a mediocre start and was around 20th. The opening 2 laps I was not aggressive enough through the dust and I took it nice and steady which put me quite far down the order. After the first 5 mins I began to start picking the riders off and I moved up to 19th when I had a collision with another rider damaging my throttle tube causing it to stick badly so I was forced out of the race with 5 mins to go.

The weekend started off pretty good on Saturday and I felt like I rode good all weekend. The mixed races with MX1 and MX2 are hard races and you really need to make a good start and get away at the front as it is hard to catch up. Hopefully I will get to do the last 2 rounds of the championship

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