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Ashley Wilde | MX Nationals Culham

The all new MX Nationals finally kicked into life this weekend at Culham, with the new format of the Fastest 40. The new format was a little bit different to other championships which meant there would be two groups of 40, the fastest 20 out of each go into the main races. I was picked out to go out in group 1.

Qualifying: After the morning free practice session I felt good on the track and the injuries from last weekend didn’t feel too bad. I keyed a pretty good lap in at the start which put me inside the top 20 quite comfortably. I kept trying to better my lap right up until the last lap when I managed to go half a second faster and finish in 10th meaning I would line up in the main group with 19th pick to the gate.

Race 1: I didn’t t get off to a great start and was pushed wide in the first corner. I put the hammer down straight away and at the end of the first lap I was just outside the top 20. On lap 2 I unfortunately got landed on by another rider, I don’t really remember what happened as it happened so quick but I hit the ground hard and was winded quite badly. I hurt my back, hip and pelvis in the crash and By the time I got my breathe back I was 2 laps down so I pulled out of the race.

Race 2: With no morning practice and the race being in the afternoon the track was pretty rough and rutted up. I dosed up on pain killers and tried to blank the pain out. Again I didn’t get a great start as I was caught up in the first turn with a rider that went down. I took my time getting through the pack as I didn’t want any more mistakes. I rode ok considering and crossed the line in 14th in the race, and 8th mx1.

Race 3: the track was really rough by this point, the sun was also very low. I gated ok and was just inside the top 20. I was in a bit of discomfort in the long ruts with bumps in. again I didn’t take any chances and just wanted to get through the day without anymore crashes. I didn’t ride very well and finished 17th and 10th mx1.

Overall: The weekend started off good, my pace was good and I liked the track. A crash in the first race which wasn’t really my fault was just bad luck. Hopefully I have got some bad luck out of the way and I can get back to full fitness now and concentrate on getting some better results at the next rounds.

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