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Anyone want Cairoli’s Jewels?

Not sure if this is a wind up but April Fools has definitely passed, so nice try Ray…. We got sent this, Toni Cairoli Jewellery!

After the agreement with MotoGP, SBK, MX1 and the Japanese champion Noriyuki Haga, another great partnership for the Italian company CIRCUITI Jewelry and the world of motorsport.
For 2012 the CIRCUITI Gioielli and the 5 times World Champion Tony Cairoli together for the 222 new jewelry collection, the collection designed by Gianfranco Quartaroli combines fashion, motocross, sport and jewels and it’s a tribute to one of the most great champions of all times of world sport.

Motorcycle chain bracelets, made in steel and rubber, keyrings, pendants with black zirconia hand set. embellish the 222 number made famous by the sporting exploits of Italian phenomenon.
The steel plate with the laser engraving of the tattoo coined by Tony Cairoli and engraved on his back, stands out among the jewels 222: Speed Mud and Glory.
CIRCUITI Gioielli: the perfect fusion between sport and jewel.

The 222 jewels collection is now available on the site

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