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Another Podium For Oakleaf Kawasaki’s Shane Carless

It was the 2nd round of the Redbull  Pro Nationals and the team made the short trip up to the newly formed circuit at Weston-s-mare in Somerset for a event that hopefully would  be a success being on the beach and intending to attract a big crowed!

We wasn’t to be disappointed with blue sky’s and sunny spells the beach front was lined with 1000,s of spectators , some fanatic MX fans and others taking  the experience to witness there first MX racing and disappointed they were not .

The team were on a high from their previous podium at the British championship with Shane Carless and the 9th overall from Jake Millward , but could it be a fluke ? peoples questions were answered and the Oakleaf Kawasaki racing team where out to mean business  .

Qualification took place on Saturday lunch time the guys had a free practice in the morning to dial in the track and get used to the soft brumes , jumps but of somewhat hard rough straights, carless was to qualify 13th and Jake Millward 29th although not forgetting mx1/mx2 is a combined qualification , riders and team regrouped for the first race only having to  make the decision on tyre choice was to be a gamble with sticking with the Dunlop mx11 scoop

moto1 and the only pro race of the day was under starters orders the gate was to drop and the 40 riders was to blast their way into the first corner , to the teams delight it was Shane Carless with the hole shot and Millward mid pack both riders made a great start and carless at the front was pulling away , with a lot of support from locals Shane was to get a good fast rhythm going and settled in to the race with confidence ,Millward was battling away against the bigger bikes and holding his own on his kxf250 around mid pack chasing the likes of Gert kristinov  and holding off Luke Remmer , the race was a 25mins + 2 laps slog but carless at the front was onit in 2nd was Graeme Irwin , 2 lap board was raised and both riders leapt  through the Redbull arch , 2 corners later disaster struck as carless went down allowing Irwin to pass , Shane was quickly on his feet and the bike was still running , carless mounted in 2nd and was to put on a challenging finish as no way was he gonna let himself down from taking his first win , carless was to catch Irwin putting pressure on him coming down the roller section the crowed were on their feet hanging over the sea wall and cheering them on as it was great racing right to the end , with the pressure Shane was making Irwin was to wash out on the last couple of corners which meant carless was to regain the lead , and to every ones delight take 1st place in the opening Moto and top step of the podium , Jake was to hold of Remmer and cross the line in 7th in the mx2 class

everyone was to gather at the Oakleaf camp and salute Shane on a impressive performance , team was to prep for what was going to be a exciting 2nd day

Sunday , again sun was shining and the crowds where gathering , Moto 2 and another impressive 40 rider blast out the gate carless had another good line but Nico Aubin was to go down beside carless interrupting another hole shot and causing a pile up which involved Jake Millward , Shane was to enter the second corner in the top 10 but now had his work cut out to better Moto 1s performance , Jake was to start the bike and put on a chase to catch the others who already had a 1/4 of a lap advantage , Shane and Jake started carving their way through the field both Kawasaki’s where performing well in the tough, rough conditions Shane was to pass Potisek, van Breveren, both wild card entries coming from Europe and both sand specialists and top performers at the world wide none Le Touque beach race, on the final lap Shane was to put a solid pass on Neville Bradshaw to take a hard earnt 4th but 3rd in the mx1 class behind Steven Lenoir , Millward was to get op to 27th but 12th in mx2 great battling by both riders

moto3 , Shane was to be going into this race with a 5point lead over second place Kristian Whatley , hopes were high , Jake was to be aiming to make amines on Moto 2  , gate dropped and carless was in 3rd behind Anderson  and Aubin , Unfortunally again Millward got tangled in a 1st corner, as it stood halfway through moto3 we were on for the overall but as the saying goes” it aint over to the fat lady sings ” 2 lap board was raised and Shane carless approached the Redbull arched table top which by now was deep rutted as he took of the compression of the suspension soaked up the gravity but his foot pegs were to ground out sending him nose diving over the table top in front of the crowd , disappointment from Shane he got up dazed and as a true warrior continued and crossed the line in 18th knocking him off the first ever top step overall for both him and the team , but a emence effort by him gave him 3rd overall and a 2nd podium in the last 2 major events , jake Millward crossed the line in 23rd putting in another hard performance from coming from the back , sometimes others mistakes can put hard work on others and Jake fought hard all weekend making up from being in the wrong place around crashing riders but, jakes humour was of somewhat laugh able as he stated ,” he’s enjoyed building sandcastles today on the first corner twice ” both riders rode their hearts out and  where glad to be involved in what Redbull & e22 had put on for all to enjoy at RD2 , roll on RD3 TEAM IS PUMPED !!!!

MX1 Overall     1  Whatley,  2 Van Brevern,  3 Carless

MX2 overall      1 Lenior , 2 Bradshaw, 3 Irwin , 11th Millward

Picture By MX Vice/Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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