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Announced: 24MX Academy

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The BYC, 24MX and MX Vice are pleased to announce the 24MX Academy for British motocross, following months of planning. The academy has been completely funded by 24MX to help educate, support and enhance the next generation of British riders.

The 24MX Academy will offer four track days throughout the year for chosen riders to attend and work with some of the world’s best riders and trainers. The academy will be offering training off of the track, as well as on the track, in the form of the following:

– Media (interview and social-media training).

– Nutrition.

– Sports Therapy.

– Sponsorship.

– Physical Training.

With the closure of the ACU Academy that was run by the late and great Mark Hucklebridge quite some time ago, it is with great pleasure that those involved would like to announce that Charlie Hucklebridge is the first rider to be accepted into the 24MX Academy this year.

The top-five riders in each class from the 2018 British Youth Championship will be offered the chance to attend the academy days, then 24MX and MX Vice will pick a further twenty riders that they believe have the ability to develop further from this kind of support.

Due to the growth of women’s motocross in the UK, there will also be ten places dedicated for women to attend and help equip them for a future in WMX. The 24MX Academy will be held at four tracks around the UK and some of 24MX’s brand partners will be in attendance for riders to test various products.

It is important to communicate that there is no cost to the 24MX Academy. It is fully funded by 24MX and attendees are invited to ride, as well as access all information from the day, for free. There will be written articles, videos and other coaching items uploaded through the year to so riders who do not make it into the academy can still learn from the experts.

Christophe Pourcel, Kevin Strijbos, Brian Jorgenson, Elliott Banks-Browne, Tommy Searle, Ryan Hughes, Anton Gole and Livia Lancelot are some of the riders who have been approached for 2019.

James Burfield (24MX UK and MX Vice Founder): “This is something that I have been working on for a long time, but never had the financial backing to pull it off and could not find people who shared the same vision. There are so many rough diamonds out there who just need the support but cannot afford to pay people. I am hoping that helping these riders on and off the track this year will help pave the way for another Tommy Searle.”

Gareth Hockey (RHL Activities): “We are pleased to be working alongside 24MX and MX Vice with the introduction of the academy. The academy will be a great addition in the UK, providing riders the support and structure needed to assist with their careers. We will be looking to support talented riders who show commitment and determination within the sport. It is great that we are able to offer spaces for riders competing in the Judd KTM British Youth Championship into the academy days. We look forward to getting the 24MX academy underway.”

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