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An AMCA Report: Brookthorpe

The championship certainly had a shake up yesterday at round seven, which was held at Brookthorpe in Gloucestershire. The recent weather conditions had certainly taken its toll on the track and with non-stop rain heading late into Saturday night and into Sunday morning, this set up a pretty challenging day ahead for the riders and the AMCA team.

Richard Cannings once again dominated all three races in the two-stroke class, making it look like easy work whilst en route to the overall win, shortly followed by Mark Young and Harry Linton. MX Vice caught up with AMCA two-stroke championship rider Bradley Doyle, who had a mixture of results this weekend.



Ady Cowshall

Brookthorpe was not a strong round for me last year, so coming into this weekend I was hoping to turn that around,” Doyle told MX Vice exclusively. “After the rain the track was brutal, making it hard work and one lined. Qualifying was so deep I decided to do one fast lap and save the bike for the races, this gave me thirteenth gate pick. Thirteen was definitely my unlucky number.

Race one I gated well, but unfortunately washed the front end going into turn two,” he continued. This left me at the back of the pack and struggling with a muddy throttle grip. I managed to claw back an eighth place. Race two was another good start, but again I was caught up with some other fallen riders late in the first lap. Again having to come from behind I could only manage a tenth place. Thinking today could not get any worse I headed to the line for race three, another decent start was not enough. I struggled desperately on the heavily-rutted track and after numerous crashes only managed fourteenth for eleventh overall. My worst result so far and very disappointing, but I still have some good points over fourth place in the championship and look forward to the final round.”

The MX2 class certainly was one to watch with Jamie Wainwright coming back from injury, without losing any speed or style, and immediately taking the race-one win. There was a slip off in race two, which resulted in him finishing sixth, but then he finished a respectable second in race three. “I got a great start in race one making the it a lot easier for me as the track was in very tricky conditions and hard to pass other riders, but I kept smooth and out of trouble leaving me with the race win,” Wainright explained.

Race two my start was not so good as I clipped the gate making me work all the way through the race to finish in sixth. Race three I got another holeshot and then battled with another rider, until my wrist started giving me slight pain and I had to back off a bit due to making it work all day. The weekend was a big surprise for me as I have been off the bike for a while now and did not expect to be back winning races and on the podium! A big thank you to all my sponsors and people that help.”



Ady Cowshall

Moving onto the MX1 class, Shane Carless looked like he was on a mission in the first couple of races. Ryan Crowder ended up taking the overall, however, followed by Josh Waterman. Carless was then there in third. “Qualifying for me was pretty decent as I only did two laps and that put me on pole, so I went back to the van,” Carless explained. “In the time remaining Crowder and Ray [Rowson] put laps in towards the end giving me third! Race one I was second off the start, had some good battles up front, managed to take the lead, collided with another rider and then went down with two laps to go. I managed fourth! In race two I took the holeshot and led every lap! A pretty easy race, to be honest. In race three I was second off the start, had two really bad laps and went backwards but managed to get back to fourth. That gave me third overall on the day! Thanks to everyone who has got my back, especially Mr. Marsh MX and Mike.”

The final round of the AMCA Championship will take place on September 9 at the Long Lane track. Who will be crowned as the champion in the respective classes? Keep an eye on MX Vice for all the gossip.

Words: Sophie Mcginn | Lead Image: AMCA Events

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