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An AMCA Report: Boraston

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What a weekend it was for round two of the AMCA Championship at Boraston! The sun was out and the track was prepped great, so what more could you ask for?  

Shane Carless, Gary Gibson and Neville Bradshaw took the top-three spots in MX1 qualifying on Sunday morning. Luke Dean, Josh Coleman and James Wainwright were on top in MX2 qualifying. Brad Malin, Chris Povey and Nathan Bache took the top three sought after places in the 125cc category. Moving onto the spectacle that is the youth 85 class: Matt Tolley, Harry Ridgeway and Max Lewis secured the top-three qualifying spots. Jamie Powell, Simon Lane and Craig Chamberlain benefitted from the absence of Sean Smith in the veteran’s class and filled the top-three in qualifying. 

With the MX1 boys showing some impressive race craft throughout all three of Sunday’s racing, it certainly made for some amazing viewing with the ever-changing track at Boraston. Speaking with a few of the riders they all loved how the track was rutting up and holding out throughout the day. One rider that certainly did impress the Boraston crowds on the day was Jamie Wainwright: You could tell he was giving it 110% and giving Kristian Whatley a run for his money.

Race results from Boraston are available here. 

Moving onto the youth class: A stand out rider for us was Max Lewis, who at his first round of the AMCA Championships showed some impressive skills and managed a second overall for the weekend. To view all rider interviews, including one with Max Lewis, click this link.

With the sound of the 125cc class ringing in everyone’s ears over the bank holiday weekend, it was amazing to see the top three overall riders battle it out. A smooth-looking Chris Povey took the overall, followed by Lewis Dowdeswell and Ryan Jones.  

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Words: Sophie Mcginn | Lead Image: Supplied

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