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American Analysis: The Season Finale

Well, there you have it – the 2013 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross series is done and dusted, it is in the past. Despite initial rumours that the final round, Lake Elsinore, would not go ahead, the event ran well this past weekend. Again, the track just wasn’t comparable to some of the more historic circuits on the schedule, as the dry, flat and jumpy surface of Lake Elsinore just isn’t a favourite of any riders.

Both the 450 and 250 titles were locked up one week earlier at the Miller Motorsports Park; so there really wasn’t much on the line this past weekend, which took something away from the race. Overall, Lake Elsinore wasn’t too different to the previous rounds, as Eli Tomac and Ryan Villopoto won again, and deservedly so. So instead of breaking down the results here, I thought we could take a look at the riders that broke out during the outdoor season.

Trey Canard: It might seem weird to have Trey Canard down as a guy that broke through this year after finishing fourth in the series standings. But for the first time since moving onto the 450f, he completed a full year – he proved that he could do it! Honestly, I do think that some people were starting to question his ability to do this, as he has not done this too much at all in his career – even on the 250f! I’m sure that he is a bit bummed about the lack of time that he spent on the podium, and the fact that he couldn’t win a race. But his primary goal was to gain knowledge and stay healthy. Now, Trey can go into the off-season healthy, which will be very beneficial to him.

Phil Nicoletti: Remember when Phil Nicoletti was struggling to qualify for the first few 450SX main events at the beginning of the year? Well, that same guy has turned into a solid top ten rider now! In my opinion, Nicoletti wins the title of ‘most improved’ this year, undoubtedly. I mean, rarely do we see a rider improve so much in the middle of the season! Nicoletti ended the season fourteenth overall in the 450MX class, but he proved to be much better than that – he just had some consistency issues, it seems. However, with another year under his belt, I am sure that Phil can straighten this out.

Weston Peick: Weston Peick is a longtime privateer. However, he is definitely deserving of a ride on a top-level squad – he keeps getting overlooked, for whatever reason. In fact, he had to complete a limited schedule this year, because he just couldn’t get to all the events alone. When he showed up Weston made his presence known with some great results, like a fourth overall in Utah. Unfortunately, it seems like he is still having a tough time finding a ride – but he will surely land a deal better than what he has now, he has to, right?

Zach Osborne: When Zach Osborne begun his first full-time season in quite some time at the beginning of the year, some were skeptical. Osborne had been away for so long, which made it tough to predict how he would do – it was certainly a make or break year for him. I believe that it worked out for him – he proved to be competitive in supercross and motocross. In my mind, there is no doubt that he was the fifth best guy this season, and he should be better in 2014, as he will be able to apply this knowledge, and put it to good use.

Jeremy Martin: When Jeremy Martin made his debut at the conclusion of last year, he failed to live up to the very high expectations most had of him. So, the hype surrounding him going into this year had died down a little, as a result. However he has restored the faith that most had in him now, as he had a great year, with a lot of success. I mean, sixth in the series really is a great result, and one to be proud of. I didn’t think that he would finish in that spot, to be honest. Martin certainly seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

Justin Bogle: 2013 was a crucial year for Justin Bogle also, as most were close to giving up on him. It seemed like things were going downhill for him when he had to miss the whole of the supercross season with a wrist injury – the cards were stacked against him going into the MX season. However he came out and delivered, surprisingly; Bogle has actually gotten better as the year as progressed, as he led laps in Utah. Justin still needs to prove himself indoors. But, things are looking better for him now, I believe.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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