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AMA Supercross: 2014 Track Maps

The 2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season is just around the corner; it seems everything is now in place for the Anaheim 1 season opener. FELD Motorsports ( recently released the 2014 track maps for most of the rounds next year. There are two missing, as Anaheim 3 has not been finalised, and Daytona is not a FELD event. But still, this is an interesting insight into the season ahead of us. 

It is most interesting to see that the Las Vegas design has been switched around a bit; change like this is always welcome. Detroit will be making a return to the schedule in 2014, and the venue has the most popular track design, as the track goes up into the stands! In my opinion, the tracks are going to be a lot better in 2014. It seems they have moved away from the cookie cutter designs a little more, as there are some intriguing features at every venue. Remember, all of the track designs could change sometime in the future though, so nothing is set in stone.

*The tracks above are in the order that the venues are on the schedule. So, the first is Anaheim 1, and so on.

For more information regarding tickets and future events, head over to the official Monster Energy AMA Supercross website,

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