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It’s all too much; everything… all of it is too much! Too much trying to add that elusive x-factor panache that will make whatever, that bit more palatable. Rewind… I should explain a little better I think, I was listening to a CD this morning that I was giving a “second shot”, I first heard it whilst drinking in a winter grotto-tent in Manchester, a trendy sort of tune gently crept from the speakers that were zip tied into the scaffold. Lisa says, “do you like this”, “Yeah”, I replied! At Christmas a CD rocks up from her in the post, sweet, one listen later and clearly in the wrong mood I resign it to shite and stick it on the shelf. This morning It caught my eye though, so I gave it another pop, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, but it provoked a few thoughts, much like Damien Hirst’s art, not actually beautiful to my eye or ear, but thought provoking… it’s this weird link that got me thinking! The link between the senses is, to my mechanical mind quite inexplicable! How I feel or react to something is maybe totally different to how someone else would experience whatever cacophony it is that strums at the strings of our senses… For instance, I had a friend I thought was cool… they thought I was a twat… life’s subjective I guess. The thing that troubles me with the human senses is; do we try to use too many of them at the same time, and as a result bugger up the experience as it was intended be enjoyed??? OK, Hirsts work, like any piece of art should be enjoyed with one’s eyes, you absorb the detail, slowly moving around the canvas, or display case full of pickled-badgers-arse, picking up details and learning about their relationship. How colours collide and interact to provoke emotions, it’s all fed by the visual… Then there’s music, you stuff it into your ears, but you still explore it, each time picking up new details, the relationship between notes, or the scratch of guitar string between notes… it’s an audible adventure… a song I keep going back to is the song is perfect… well, to me it is… the rise and fall, the small adjustments in tempo that make a big difference, it’s all just sublime… the point I’m trying to make is, we, in our information greedy society try to combine all these perfect forms of art in order to create a sensory overdose that will give us eye and eargasms for the rest of the year… this distilling of the ingredients to create a super brew inevitably kills off the little flavours that make a piece of art or music so special… For us MX folk in general, Videos are the biggest culprit I think… too much fast editing, mad effects and rampant dubstep… It’s all too much for my mind to cope with.

Now go watch this with no sound on… I doubt you will see much that’s more artful than this! He carves about his canvas of dirt as if he were a brush in the hand of a great master.


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