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All set for Sweden

MX Vice is in Uddevalla for the Swedish GP this weekend, well some of us anyway. Kelly ‘Tenacious’ D, Ty Kellett and myself (Mr. Perrett) will be here for the entire weekend keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes peeled to give you guys the low down on what’s going as well as produce some action and interview videos. So far it’s fair to say, not a lot is happening right now and there’s not too much to say. There’s been a bit of light rain, but the track needs it anyway. We had a quick walk around the track and a quick chat with James Dunn who is feeling confident for the European 125 championship. We also caught up with British FIM delegates, Andy Summers and Chris Warren at Technical control and had a good close look at Clement Desalle’s factory Suzuki which is pretty sweet as you’d expect when you get up close and personal to it. Oh and other than it looks like Shaun Simpson will be racing Steven Frossard’s bike for this weekend that’s about all we have for you… for now at least, so keep checking in for more updates and pictures from the weekend. We’re now off in search of food, you know how it is when the belly starts talking to you!

Lord of the Manor. Squire Kellett strikes a pose. He'll be wearing plus fours, a Deerstalker hat and smoking a pipe soon!

Check out the carbon fibre subframe/airbox... a nice piece of art.

We were tempted to swipe this pipe while he wasn't looking!

Kelly obviously thinks she's come to a rock festival!

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  1. Monda

    What is the soil there ? It looks like sand in places but on the pics it looks like clay or is it a mixed type of track.

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