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All Results: RFME MX

The national series in Spain actually started back in February, but then there was obviously a lengthy break between rounds two and three. The latter is currently being run at Motorland Aragon, and the entry list is blessed with a couple of notable names. Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee duo, Eddie Jay Wade and Ethan Lane, are in attendance, along with EMX250 star Pierre Goupillon in MX2. The results from Aragon are not exactly flying in, as the RFME seem to be a tad slow, but will be added to this page as soon as possible. The latest results will always be at the top of this page.

MX1 Overall Classification
MX2 Overall Classification
MX1 Moto Two (13:20)
MX2 Moto Two (12:30)
MX1 Moto One (10:55)
MX2 Moto One (10:10)
MX1 Warm Up (09:05)
MX2 Warm Up (08:45)
MX1 Qualifying Race (12:30)
MX2 Qualifying Race (12:00)
MX1 Time Practice (10:20)
MX2 Time Practice (09:35)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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