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All Results: MXGP of NL

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It’s round two of the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship! The Grand Prix of The Netherlands, held at the historic circuit of Valkenswaard that is defying the odds by still being on the schedule, will prompt some intriguing results, as the sand brings out the best (and worst) in some guys. How can one keep in touch with what is going on? MXGP and MX2 results are available on this link. Save the link and check back regularly, as results will be added immediately following each session.

MXGP Championship Standings
MX2 Championship Standings
MXGP Overall Classification
MX2 Overall Classification
MXGP Moto Two (16:10)
MX2 Moto Two (15:10)
MXGP Moto One (13:15)
MX2 Moto One (12:15)
MXGP Warm Up (09:45)
MX2 Warm Up (09:25)
MXGP Qualifying Race (16:00)
MX2 Qualifying Race (15:15)
MXGP Time Practice (12:45)
MX2 Time Practice (12:15)
MXGP Free Practice (10:20)
MX2 Free Practice (09:50)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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