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All Results: Mantova (ITA)

The second round of the Italian Prestige series is currently being run at Mantova. The entry list is a little thinner this time around, with Tim Gajser opting out of the series after round one, but there are still enough Grand Prix riders to make it interesting. All of the MX1 and MX2 results from Mantova, Italy, will be added to this page across the weekend. Simply save the link and check back regularly for results in an easy-to-view format.

MX1 Overall Classification
MX2 Overall Classification
MX1 Moto Two (15:50)
MX2 Moto Two (15:00)
MX1 Moto One (12:55)
MX2 Moto One (12:05)
MX1 Time Practice Group 2 (16:00)
MX1 Time Practice Group 1 (15:25)
MX2 Time Practice Group 3 (14:35)
MX2 Time Practice Group 2 (14:00)
MX2 Time Practice Group 1 (13:25)
MX1 Free Practice Group 2 (11:50)
MX1 Free Practice Group 1 (11:30)
MX2 Free Practice Group 3 (11:10)
MX2 Free Practice Group 2 (10:50)
MX2 Free Practice Group 1 (10:30)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Davide Messora


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