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All Results: ITA Series

The Czech races were great, sure, but the opening race of the Italian Prestige series is just on another level. That championship is actually running at the historic track of Faenza, which has also ended up on the Grand Prix calendar as well, and countless stars are racing. Gautier Paulin, Ben Watson, Jeremy Seewer and more are a part of the combined MX1 and MX2 division. The prospect of racing again obviously lured those riders, but the thought of getting in some time on the track that will make up two stops of the world series cannot have hurt either. How can one follow what happening in the south of Europe? Results are being added to this page immediately following each session, so just save the link and check back regularly. It is really that easy.

Overall Classification
Combined Moto Two (18:20)
Combined Moto One (13:35)
Combined Warm Up (10:44)
MX1 Time Practice (18:48)
MX2 Time Practice (18:12)
MX1 Free Practice (13:24)
MX2 Free Practice (13:00)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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