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All Results: Dortmund SX

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The second round of 2020 Monster Energy Supercross is not the only event to follow this weekend! The ADAC SX Cup is wrapping up in Dortmund, Germany, and that event is actually playing host to a few American regulars. Dortmund is spread across three nights, so check back as the weekend progresses to get the results from Europe. There’s bound to be a bit of chaos in the tight confines of the Westfalenhallen arena.

SX1 Main Event (22:43)
SX2 Main Event (22:22)
SX1 Last Chance (22:07)
SX2 Last Chance (22:00)
SX2 Heat Two (20:49)
SX2 Heat One (20:39)
SX1 Heat Two (20:27)
SX1 Heat One (20:15)
SX1 Time Practice C (15:32)
SX1 Time Practice B (15:24)
SX1 Time Practice A (15:16)
SX2 Time Practice C (15:08)
SX2 Time Practice B (15:00)
SX2 Time Practice A (14:52)
SX1 Free Practice Two C (14:08)
SX1 Free Practice Two B (14:01)
SX1 Free Practice Two A (13:54)
SX2 Free Practice Two C (13:47)
SX2 Free Practice Two B (13:40)
SX2 Free Practice Two A (13:33)
SX1 Free Practice One C (12:45)
SX1 Free Practice One B (12:36)
SX1 Free Practice One A (12:27)
SX2 Free Practice One C (12:18)
SX2 Free Practice One B (12:09)
SX2 Free Practice One A (12:00)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy/Octopi


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