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All Results: Dakar Stage 2

Dunes, dunes and more dunes on day three at the 2022 Dakar Rally! Stage two is complete, despite troubles with the weather. Torrential downpours in Saudi Arabia have caused the promoters to make some changes to the course. Stage two stretched across 453 kilometres and was surprisingly treacherous, as that aforementioned rain made the sand softer than normal. To see the full results from the second stage, scroll down. All of the active riders are listed.

  • Andrew Short had a better outing on day three, as he finished ninth in the stage and elevated himself to sixteenth in the overall classification. Short did struggle with navigation again – there was one noteworthy mistake – but the whole experience was much more positive than the previous day.
  • Rui Goncalves had a much better day too, as the treacherous sand caused his motocross skills to enter the fray. Goncalves was twelfth in the stage ranking and managed to climb to forty-eighth in the overall classification, despite being seventieth just one day ago.

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