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All Results: Dakar Stage 1B

The 2022 Dakar Rally continued in Saudi Arabia today – day two is over and so is stage one. Stage 1B marked the first true test for the riders, as navigation was crucial across the stage that spanned 333 kilometres. Some struggled, whilst others thrived. Those who experienced success were similar to day one; Daniel Sanders and Pablo Quintanilla sat at the top of the table again. Stage 1B results are below, as well as notes on the former motocross riders.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

  • Andrew Short was only nineteenth at the end of the stage, as he lost so much time whilst struggling with navigation. Short actually mentioned that the event could be crazy, if navigation continues to be as difficult as it was today. The sandy dunes, made softer by overnight rain, ensured his motocross background came into the equation though.
  • Rui Goncalves had a horrific day. Motorcycle problems caused him to grind to a halt, then he had to take the bike apart to identify the issue. That’s something that he did successfully. The issue, however, is that he lost a total of an hour and a half whilst trying to get back on the track. Goncalves ended seventieth in the rankings and is now attempting to focus forward.

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