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All Results: Coupe De L'Avenir

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The annual Coupe De L’Avenir event was run in Belgium this past weekend. The race pits teams from different nations (split into 65cc, 85cc and Open categories) against each other across two days. Who came out on top? Results can be viewed in full below. There is even a familiar name from the Motocross of Nations that was run last weekend.

Open Overall Classification
85cc Overall Classification
65cc Overall Classification
Open Moto Two (16:34)
85cc Moto Two (15:22)
65cc Moto Two (14:50)
Open Moto One (13:44)
85cc Moto One (13:02)
65cc Moto One (12:25)
Open Warm Up (09:55)
85cc Warm Up (09:20)
65cc Warm Up (08:45)
Open Qualifying Race (17:39)
85cc Qualifying Race (17;10)
65cc Qualifying Race (16:45)
Open Time Practice (15:33)
85cc Time Practice (15:08)
65cc Time Practice (14:48)
Open Free Practice (13:00)
85cc Free Practice (12:35)
65cc Free Practice (12:15)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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