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ACU review tear off ban

At the recent ACU Motocross Committee meeting a review of the forthcoming ‘Tear Off’ ban for Motocross event took place.

After being contacted by both organisers and companies within the industry, the Motocross Committee discussed the decision further and re iterated the importance of stopping tear off’s from littering farm land and causing harm to animals.

However, the Committee identified the need to work alongside organisers to ensure they are able to continue in the sport. The Motocross Committee commented ‘It is a very fine balance of doing the right thing for our organisers and therefore riders compared to protecting our valued landowners, especially with regard to grazing land. The Motocross Committee are aware that new systems are being developed all of the time and we will monitor this ahead of the 2017 season. In the meantime we will support any club or promoter who feels they need to implement an event ban themselves.’

Therefore a decision was made to make the Tear Off Ban at the discretion of the event Organiser’s in conjunction with the landowners for the next 12 months with the Motocross Committee continuing to review the situation further during the coming season.

The ACU Motocross Committee still strongly recommend that where events are held on land used for animal grazing the Tear Off systems are banned and an alternative eye protection system such as the roll off system is used instead.

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