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A steady weekend for Oakleaf Kawasaki.

Culham Park, Oxfordshire.

The final round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals had the Oakleaf Kawasaki boys head to Culham Park in Oxfordshire for the second time in the series, this time the track was to be ran in reverse.
Unfortunately the team was missing their second MX1 rider, Shane Carless due to his shoulder injury from the previous round of the British Championship, and Oakleaf Academy rider, Gradie Featherstone due to his fractured wrist sustained at the British GP.

The weekend kicked off with qualifying and Alex Snow, riding the KX450F in MX1, took 15th position, and Jake Millward in MX2, aboard the KX250F, had 25th pick.
As the first race was under starters orders, Snow had a clutch problem which affected his start and he found him self buried in the field. He managed to keep cool and meticulously worked his way into the top 10 and crossed the line 7th for MX1.
Forever consistent Jake Millward had a steady first race. He had got bunched up going into the first corner and was toward the back of the field, but he kept his head down and put in consistent laps to cross the line in 8th for MX2.

Sunday held the second race for the pro class and both Millward and Snow got much better starts. Snow rounded the first corner in the top ten and set about making forward progress. Pushing hard until the line he managed to climb his way up into 4th.
Millward made a great top 20 start of the mixed field and was mixing it up with the more powerful MX1 machines. Riding smooth and consistent, he held his own and crossed the line in solid 17th on track, 5th in MX2.

The final pro race of the weekend saw Snow not quite make the jump out of the gate. He pushed hard and rode the now gnarly track well, and was chasing down Jamie Law for 7th in the final laps. Disaster struck on the final corner as Snow made a mistake and went down, he managed to remount without losing positions and crossed the line in 8th MX1, took 7th overall, and despite missing the start of the season with injury, claimed 13th in the championship.
Millward had another great race despite a less than ideal start. He worked his way through a mix of MX1 and MX2 riders to climb into the top 20 and managed to do enough to cross the line 6th MX2 to take 6th overall for the weekend and clinch 7th in the series championship.

The young Oakleaf Academy rider, Tom Hum, had a mixed weekend on the KX85 in the BigWheel class. He started the weekend with a 21st but came back for the second and third races to take 13th and 11th respectively.
Sunday started badly for Tom, and some problems in the fourth race found him way down the field in 38th, but he set out to end the series on a better note and placed 11th in the final race for 16th overall and finished the championship in 13th.

The Oakleaf Kawasaki team will be heading to Farleigh Castle, Wiltshire, on the 6th of October for the last round of the British Championship.

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