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A Quick Chat With: Bryan Mackenzie

A quick chat with: Bryan Mackenzie

Bryan Mackenzie took his first ever overall win in his British Championship career at Desertmartin. It has taken 12 years but Brymac has finally done it!

Mackenzie was in impressive form all day on the Pendrich Kawasaki qualifying fastest in Superpole and leading all three races. A crash while leading in race one and three meant he had to show some mental resilience to recover and he did just that when he went from fifth to third on the last lap of race three to clinch the overall victory.

We grabbed a quick world with the popular Scotsman and he was understandably delighted with his most successful day ever in British championship motocross.

First overall, you have to be over the moon with that!

It’s the first overall I have ever had and I have been at this for 12 years. It was my first race win today as well! It started off well with pole position and I got some nice starts which was important. I was really disappointed to lose that first race when I was leading. I threw it away all by myself but made a  good recovery. I managed to get it done finally in the second race then the last race again I was in the lead and threw it away all by myself again! I was super pissed but managed to get Irwin and Nev on the last lap to get the overall.

Did you know you had to get third to get the overall?

Oh yeah, I was well informed! My mechanic was doing a good job, and I knew I needed to positions with Barr winning. They both made a mistake out the back and I said ‘it’s now or never’ so I took my nuts in my hand and pinned it and it came throught alright. In the last quarter of the lap I don’t think I breathed because I so, so tense just was making sure they weren’t coming back up the inside but I’m so pumped.

The track was tough today, it even caught you out and you won the overall!

Yeah the starts were so important. When it started drying out we were only using one or two lines and it was so rough, it was really hard. It was just getting out front and I was riding the one line pretty well, nobody really challenged me all day I felt apart from when I made mistakes.

Is this the best you have ever ridden?

Definitely I seem to be getting better every year still. This is year this is the best  I’ve been riding but I have been coming back from injuries so yeah I would say I am peaking as far this season goes. You can argue this is the best I’ve ever rode, I’ve never won an overall before it’s an arguement that’s there. I don’t know, I’m just happy with my bike and everything is mega, that’s all it is, I’m just really happy with everything I’ve got.

You were getting a lot of support on twitter during the races. It is obviously a big win for everyone that has followed you for the last 12 years.

Yeah I saw that and it’s cool. A lot of guys came up to me today and even at the last round when I got second and say they love my column. It’s nice that people take an interest in me and say nice things on twitter. I’m so happy for myself and for everyone. They seem to have taken a bit of pleasure from my win today so that’s nice!

What are your thoughts on the championship now?

I have no idea where I stand! I was fifth coming in so I have no idea if I am closer to fourth or anything. I had such a slow start to the season with injuries that this is all I’m doing now is going for race wins and overalls and to come into next year swinging.

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Photo By Suzy Bailey ©

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