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A Quick Chat With: Adam Sterry

It has been a breakthrough year for the recently turned 17 year old Adam Sterry.

The STR KTM rider became one of the top riders in the British championship in 2013 and, at Farleigh Castle, he was one of the contenders for the win! Sterry was fast all day on the grassy course and impressed many with his style and speed. The youngster will no doubt have gained a lot of confidence in his own ability and potential going into the winter after his performance.

Sterry also got his first taste of GP circuits this year after competing in the EMX2 class where he showed decent speed for his debut season despite the unfamiliar surroundings. Sterry is young but focused, takes his racing seriously and, with the right work in the winter, could become something pretty special next year.

We spoke to the talented teenager about his superb speed at Farleigh and got his thoughts on his 2013 season.

You showed a lot of speed today, the results maybe don’t even indicate the speed you had even though they were pretty good!

Yeah I felt good with my riding today on the track. Just the second race I had a collision on the start and was dead last. I got to tenth in two laps and finally got to eighth which was alright. My speed was good I think I was setting fourth fastest lap time coming through the pack which was good. The last race I just lost my rhythm when Lenoir passed me. I fell back to seventh and the back of the lead group, I almost got Barr in the last corner but I was happy with my riding all day.

Even this morning in practice you were quick, did you just suit this track?

It’s not my type of track to be fair, I usually prefer sand. I just gelled with the track straight away, was happy and flowed really well from the start.

Overall this season in the British championship you have really upped your game, your one od the contenders now, are you pleased to have jumped up to that level?

Definitely, I have went in the right direction from last year which is good but my results haven’t been exactly what I wanted. But yeah, it’s an improvement, I haven’t went backwards so it’s all good.

And the European series, you have had up and down results in it, it’s a very competitive class but have shown you have the speed at times.

There was a couple maybe three rounds where I was in the points and around the top ten when I had a mechanical which is unfortunate. I think I was 22nd in the championship, it isn’t ideal but considering the three DNFs I could have been a lot further up. It’s a tough class obviously you seen Guillod at the Des Nations. To be the best you have got to race with the best and it is all about learning and improving.

Just compare the tracks from the British championship to the World championship, is it hard to make that adjustment?

The British tracks are good, there is nothing wrong with the British tracks, it’s just getting used to tracks you have not ridden before is probably the problem. Obviously the weather and the travelling, it’s all new and it’s all about learning and that is what I was doing this year. It’s good I’ve enjoyed it and that’s all that matters really.

What have you got in the works for next season?

We haven’t confirmed anything for next year but hopefully something good comes out and get a good winter and come out firing for the championship next year.

Are you planning on doing the Europeans as well?

Yeah I hope to do Europeans. If nothing works out we will do it on our own.

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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