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A Chat With – Matiss Karro

You won’t see a wider grin in motocross than Matiss Karro when he win’s all three motos in a British championship. And you also won’t see so many fans queing for a picture with their hero after the race…and they were almost all Latvian fans!

Matiss Karro is a popular rider in his homeland and he will have gained a few more fans in Northern Ireland after his superb performance on Sunday.

Karro on the STR KTM was just awesome all day enroute to three wins from three starts and, when you consider he is just back racing one month following a broken back and two broken wrists in succession, it is even more impressive.

We caught up the with a delighted and grinning Karro in between photo requests from his enthusiastic fans to discuss his superb ride and battling back from injuries.

This is pretty popular win, you have your home fans here, but you’re not at home!

I know it’s just awesome! It’s the British championship but all the Latvian fans – there was 20 or 30 Latvians here and they were louder than the rest of the fans!

I had a brilliant weekend here. It was perfect, I won all three motos, the team was good. I had all these stupid injuries but they still supported me, Thanks to them for doing everything and all my fans supporting me around the track.

These results are awesome I just need to think now because last year I won Milton park and then got injured. So now I am going to try and look after myself and finish the season and the results will get better.

How hard was it to come back from all your injuries mentally and physically?

It was more mentally hard. The wrist is important to race with for a motocross rider… but mentally it was even harder because the first time I broke my wrist I didn’t even crash. It was cold and I landed off a jump, it twisted and I broke the bone. The second time was stupid I should have backed down but once you forget an old injury you go full gas and crash again. But I need to look after myself.

You looked really comfortable today especially the last race you came through and passed Whatley. Was that satisfying?

It was good because from the start I got in trouble but I managed to get round in third and passed Jamie Law but Kristian was gone already maybe seven seconds. But I caught him and passed him then I made a mistake in the back and he got me again. So I thought ‘Ok I’m going to stay calm’. I knew one place I could pass him where I passed him before and I done him again there and it was awesome.

You have come back to the GPs pretty impressively after your injuries challenging for the top ten, was it hard to get back to that?

I came back for Foxhill and it was awesome that British round. But then I kept riding and in France I was in so much pain, I was in agony. I was on painkillers every hour for the wrist and I thought ‘ what’s wrong with me?’ Butt for Italy I didn’t practice on the bike all week, I just did physical training like running or cycling and I felt so much better.

The wrist is fine but I have a little problem with my thumb, I think I crashed and dislocated it but it jumped back in or something. So I am taping my wrist and thumb but it should be ok. It’s better to have a little pain so it reminds you to be patient!

Going into the rest of the season, you are pretty much back to where you were before you had this string of injuries. Is that good to know you have that performance level again already and to know you can probably progress even more with no injuries?

Yea I was so gutted when I messed up this year with two injuries and I can’t challenge for championship results but I have these race results now and I need to build on them.

Today I had great results, you can’t do any better but still the British riders on other tracks are strong and I have to ready for that. For the GPs I can always be better and the British championship helps to build for the GPs. Hopefully in the next GPs I can come on really strong. I have Sweden and Latvia, my home GP coming up. There will be loads of Latvian fans coming and I hope for a really strong result there!

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Image By Suzy Bailey ©

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