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Vsevolod Brylyakov on his new contract

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Vsevolod Brylyakov has had a quiet summer. A torn ACL, which was suffered at his home Grand Prix in May, meant that he had no choice but to watch the final fourteen rounds of the FIM Motocross World Championship from the sidelines. Brylyakov's set to return to racing when the new term begins though, now that he has acquired a deal with the 24MX-powered JWR Yamaha Racing squad.

MX Vice: You have signed for JWR Yamaha now, so just talk about how that deal came about and what made you sign with them.

Vsevolod Brylyakov: The last season ended quite early for me. I literally understood straight away that I would be struggling to find a deal for 2019, as I have to move up to the MXGP class. That is how it happened. I was very happy to get this offer from the JWR Yamaha Racing team. It was like another chance for me to just try and build myself up again. I have tried the 450F before. I cannot say that I was very excited to jump on a 450, because I felt like I did not do enough in the MX2 class, but it is what it is. It is just the bad luck. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career. I hope it will work out well. I will do all I can to be one of the strongest guys out there.

Vsevolod Brylyakov will race for the JWR Yamaha Racing team in 2019 (Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer)

Like you said, you kind of knew it was going to be tough to find a deal in MXGP. Were there any other teams interested in you or was it just JWR?

Yeah, as soon as I got hurt and the moment when I hit the ground with the left leg, I understood that I had done my left knee. Once I got to the tent and when we got back and stuff, I chatted with some people. I understood also that it was going to be about six months of recovery. I was kind of in this situation last year, so I had been through something similar in the past. It is tough to say, but as soon as you are hurt in our sport you have a really long time to wait. You are really kind of forgotten by the people. This moment I actually realized everything. Two bad injuries in a row.

Even after that huge injury last year, I put myself back almost on the podium in the Italian MXGP, and then had another good race in Portugal and then another good spot in Russia. It does not matter. Jumping to the new class, second bad injury in a row, and it is all coming together that I will be struggling. I tried my best. I spoke literally to every possible team with Brian Jorgensen, as he is my manager. We tried everything, but there were no places. The teams were full and with no budget. It was a tough story. I’m glad I actually found a possibility with JWR.

Obviously, you are only doing European GPs, but it sounds like you are going to get to do China as well, so that is another bonus. At least now you will only have to miss three of the overseas rounds, so you will basically get a full a season in.

Yeah, that is also really good. I am quite pleased with that. Even just the European rounds is already fine for me, because it is a new class. I need to get used to it. I am not really putting a lot of pressure on myself about this, but the extra two GPs is also good. I am just really looking forward to the Russian MXGP. That will be a great opportunity.  

Vsevolod Brylyakov missed fourteen rounds with a torn ACL this year (Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer)

I would not say you are one of the biggest guys in the MX2 class, but you are definitely quite big on the bike. I feel like a 450F is going to suit you quite well. Are you quite excited to get going on one?

Yeah, sure. Every year I have worked quite a lot on the physical part. I am not the skinniest guy in the MX2 class either. I feel like a 450F can calm me down also. I have also changed a bit of my training during the wintertime. I put different work on my body, when I was struggling with my knee, so I put a little bit more time where I work with the weight and go a little bit down with the heart. That was the main help through the winter, put a little bit more hours in and then put myself in a different physical condition for the 450F bike.

I guess, even though, you are excited to move up, you would like another shot at the MX2 class if the age rule was not in place? You have kind of got unfinished business there.  

Yeah, definitely. I would like to prove myself in the 250F class and, as I said, I one hundred percent did not really put in the results I was capable of, because each year I was just starting. I was literally only like seventy-five percent ready. I could do a lot more. We were working. For sure, if I had this chance, I would actually put another shot in the MX2 class. It is fun to ride. I was not really scared of the 450F and now, in this kind of situation, I am still excited to go to the 450F, because it is another chapter. It is something new. It is a step forward for me and, as I said, I am just wondering what the 450F will bring for me. In the past when I tried it, I felt very good. 

Vsevolod Brylyakov landed on the overall podium once as an MX2 rider (Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer)

Where are you at with your injuries now? Is the knee and shoulder one hundred percent now?

This kind of difficult injury, you cannot say, as they will never be one hundred percent at anytime of my life. In the past with the shoulder I have broken my nerve. It was a really difficult time. I am still struggling and still working with the shoulder. It is a lot better than last year already, so that makes me a lot more confident. I am less bothered about the shoulder. My knee, I cannot say it is one hundred percent either. I have got all of the strength back. I think it is a little bit even stronger than it was, but the range of motion is the heaviest part for me.

When you need to bend your knee completely inside and completely open, that is the difficult part. I tried the bike about one and a half months ago; I rode the bike ten days and it was fine. It was totally fine. The knee was strong. The neck was strong and stable. It was almost not bothering me during the riding, only when I was touching the ground in the corners and then bent the knee very quick on the inside is the kind of block point of the range of motion. It is not really that much pain that I’m stopping or something.

Finally, what is the plan for you for now? I guess you are back in Europe. Do you know when you are going to start riding on the 450F, testing and all of that?

For the moment it is just to put everything together. I have been quite a long time away. I need to figure out when I am going to Spain. I need to figure out how I am going to go to the tracks and everything, then hopefully we are going to start with the team as soon as possible. Hopefully beginning of the next week. I am really missing the bike. I just want to put the bike hours. For me, it does not matter if it is a different bike or when we prep it. I am just looking forward for it. I do not think there is a clear plan yet, but probably it will be beginning of January we are going to try to put the bike together for myself. First of all we will still want to get used to a little bit of the 450F power in Spain and stuff to try to work with all the other things.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer

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