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The season is winding down and, with that in mind, attention is starting to turn to those who could potentially pick up championships. Callum Green, the Honda Adventure Centre rider, is the running to acquire a gaggle of number one plates, so it only seemed right to learn a little more about him.

MX Vice: For those who do not know you, Callum, give us some information and a rundown on your season so far.

Callum Green: It's probably been the best season I have had so far, leading two championships. It did not start off too well at Preston. I had a thirteenth and a seventh I think or something like that, but I had not raced in a year. It was good to just get back into racing. But, other than that, it has been pretty good since then. I managed to get a lot of podiums and a lot of wins, so it is always good. Just wanted to get back and do a bit more racing. Hopefully if I wrap up the MX Nationals championship on the Saturday, I'm thinking of going MX2 on the Sunday to just give that a try.

Callum Green has been underneath Dave Thorpe's wing this season (MPS Images)

So you are currently leading the youth classes in the two championships, right?

Yeah, the Maxxis and MX Nationals.

After suffering a nasty off last time your were out, what have you been doing training-wise to get yourself back on the bike?

Just having time off and just trying to get some recovering in, some rehab and stuff like that. I have been doing a lot of ice baths and just stuff like that really, Slowly getting there.

How about Duns? It was a tough weekend, but you are still in contention for that prestigious championship.

The weekend at Duns was not my best, but I did all I could with how my shoulder was. Qualifying was not very good going thirteenth, but the races are where it counts. I managed to get a holeshot and battle up front for most of the race but in the end dropped back to third, which I was happy with. Race two was just a gamble ended up getting a good start, but went down twice which did not help and I ended up coming from way back to eighth to get me fifth overall. The overall weekend was okay but I know once I am back to one hundred percent I can get back on the podium.

So, moving onto the subject of 2019, what are your plans? Have you got anything wrapped up or are you still working on that?

At the minute still working on that. Definitely go in MX2. I want to do as many Europeans next year as I can. But there is nothing one hundred percent finalised yet. That is definitely my plan to go MX2 and definitely do a lot of the Europeans.

Interview: Sophie Mcginn | Lead Image: MPS Images 

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