A Masters Report: Hawkstone

A Hawkstone Park recap

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The demanding circuit of Hawkstone Park boasted plenty of challenges to tackle this weekend for the Bridgestone British Masters. Mix that with rough track conditions, hot weather conditions and you have got yourself a tough weekend.

MX Vice caught up with a few riders throughout Sunday's racing events for a bit of paddock gossip. First we spoke to Wal Beany, who races in the SW85 class and put in a decent qualifying session with the second-fastest time. He struggled a little in the races though. Beany said, "I was all over the back of Ollie and crashed and threw it away and got, like, sixteenth. This race I was just up on the pegs trying to gain some points on third overall. It's been an alright day, but not the best." 

Then we spoke to Rheanna Morgan-Rogers, one of the few females out on track this weekend, who was putting in some decent lap times on her SW85. Rheanna said "I have been finding it quite tough in the sand, because we are not used to it. We are hard-pack riders, so we're doing the whole season this year and moving onto the big wheel next year." When questioned about being one of the only girls in the field, she simply stated that "it makes me want to beat them."

Next up we spoke to one of the few SW65 riders Warren Clarke. He had some pretty good results during the day. "I got second in the first race, then a third in the second race and then a fourth and a fourth in the last two races. I'm pretty consistent but the championship leader is in front of me. There are twenty odd points between us, so hopefully I can keep on it." 

(Roy Edwards)

Moving onto the pro class, MX Vice caught up with Elliott Banks-Browne. EBB took the first-moto win and managed a strong fourth in moto two with Ryan Houghton taking the win. "First race was alright," EBB stated. "Got a good win. Ryan was riding pretty good. I took my time, got past him and then the second race was not so good. I did not get a very good start and came through on the first lap. Ryan had crashed and I looked at him and landed down the side of the bale and I crashed as well, so we were both down. Got back going, came through and passed the riders in front of me. I passed Ryan going into second and it felt easy, really."

"Coming down one of the hills before the woods section my hand came off the handlebars," he continued. "Ended up in the biggest water ditch I think I have ever been in. It literally went over the seat and went down my tear offs. Gloves were soaked and everything, so it took a couple laps. Started to come back through. I had a little problem with the back brake, but all in all second is not too bad after the few weeks we have had. Three weeks ago I broke a bone in my back and dislocated some fingers, so even just to be here riding is a blessing really. Regroup for next week and just try and get healthy again really. Try and win the next one."

Moving onto the revised round at Ironworks on the August 11 and 12, it will be interesting to watch all of these riders push forward. MX Vice will be there catching up on all the action throughout the day.

Words: Sophie Mcginn | Lead Image: 

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