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USA Trip: Nicholls at Red Bud

Jake Nicholls heads to Red Bud

Jake Nicholls has had an enjoyable term. The fact that he is leading both the Maxxis British Championship and Michelin MX Nationals helps, of course, but then he is also ticking some items off of his bucket list. The first was competing in a race in Canada, where he finished third overall, and then this weekend he will be travelling to Red Bud for round seven of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

"Just bucket list stuff, really," Jake Nicholls explained exclusively to MX Vice at the fourth round of the Maxxis British Championship. "I am racing. I am in good shape. I am enjoying it and I am riding pretty good, so why not? On my schedule now I have got a weekend off here and there, unlike when I was doing Grand Prix. Honda are going to give me a bike there, a standard bike, and then Ryan Thorpe and Rob, my mechanic, are coming over with me and we are just going to basically build up a British Championship bike.

"We are just sorting the finer details sorted now. It is always a bit hard when you are winging it a bit. [I have] just always wanted to do one of them and especially at a place like that. Obviously, it is one of those things where one day I’ll be old and finished racing and think, ‘That was pretty cool. I am glad I did it.'  Also obviously the ‘Nations thing is ever looming, I guess. Not thinking too much on that, but obviously it helps. I am not doing any Grand Prix, so they want to see me up against good riders, I guess."

Jake Nicholls has never competed in a round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, so it remains to be seen how he will fare. Second was the position that he secured at the fourth round of the Michelin MX Nationals this past weekend, following some mistakes, but he still leads that series by eighteen points. Nineteen points is the advantage that he holds in the Maxxis British Championship.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: MPS Images

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