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Raven, a new goggle brand, are looking for ten up-and-coming young athletes to support with product in the UK and Europe for the remainder of the year. If your social-media performance is in line with expectations, then a new agreement will be offered ahead of 2019.

Not only are we looking for hard-working individuals on the track, we are looking for those qualities on the social media and marketing side also. It is not all about results. If you are wondering whether your social media and exposure is up to scratch, scroll through our recent features on what needs to be done on the various different platforms. Parts one, two, three and four are available on MX Vice.

This is a great new product that offers a great build and vision for an athlete at all levels of racing. These goggles will be used in the Dutch Masters, Maxxis British Championship, EMX125 and EMX250 this year. Riders are taking note of the incredible quality of the product!

If you feel that you could offer Raven some good exposure and feedback, plus you want to be a member of the Raven squad, then contact James Burfield. Before you apply to, make sure you understand the following:

– Read the four social-media articles that will give you an idea of what Raven are after.

– Understand that your social media will be evaluated each month for performance.

– Each product package is worth in excess of £500 per year.

– You are one of many that is going to apply; stand out, double check spelling and grammar and explain how you can help Raven.

– This is not just about results, although they will be considered alongside the quality of social media.

– Make sure you have an Instagram and Facebook account

– Send through what events you will be racing at

After sifting through the various different entries, ten athletes will be selected and those riders will then receive the following the package. The second drop will depend on social-media performance.

Drop One


Raven Goggles.


Packs of tear offs.


Roll offs with lens.



Email [email protected]

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: 24MX

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