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A Statement: Broc Tickle

Broc Tickle talks for the first time

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Broc Tickle was provisionally suspended by the FIM after failing a drug test in San Diego, which most readers are aware of at this point. Now, however, Tickle has spoken out for the first time in a detailed statement. It can be read below.

As has been widely reported, on April 12, 2018 I was notified by the FIM of an alleged Adverse Analytical Finding for 5-Methylhexan-2-Amine, stemming from a random urine test on February 10, 2018, directly after the San Diego Supercross Event. The notification from the FIM was a complete surprise to me because I have never, intentionally or negligently, ingested any prohibited substance, and specifically, the alleged substance I allegedly had in my system on February 10, 2018. I have never cheated, doped, or tried to better myself by taking the short way; nor, has anyone around me offered or provided to me any substance that is prohibited by the FIM Anti-Doping Code. I have worked too hard throughout my career to put my career at stake by taking any prohibited substance.

I am devastated about this allegation, and really frustrated with the process. The FIM has been less than professional with me regarding timeliness of communication, disclosure of information related to my Sample A test, and request to Test Sample B. After much delay, the FIM finally has informed me that the soonest that my Sample B will be tested is May 16, 2018*, the receipt of results and supporting lab documentation undisclosed. In addition, the soonest I will receive the lab documentation associated with Sample A is 10-15 working days from April 15th, 2018.

At this point, I have filed a Request to Lift the Discretionary Provisional Suspension imposed, but have little faith in this process as it is based solely on written documentation. The soonest that I will have a full blown hearing regarding this allegation will be months from now. I have discovered that the FIM is an organization that possesses ultimate power – to suspend a professional athlete with the stroke of a pen, without any process, opportunity to defend, and no supporting evidence. Consequently, the FIM eliminates the athlete’s source of income, and consequently their financial wherewithal to defend themselves with what little information is provided, all while refusing to timely communicate, and disclose evidence. To say that the process is unfair is an understatement.

Despite this disproportionality, I will do everything possible to fight this allegation, clear my name, and continue with my career. Should anyone have any information that may be relevant to my case, please contact my to my attorney, Brian D. Harrison at [email protected]. Thank you.

*Interestingly, shortly after filing of my Request to Lift the Provisional Suspension, the FIM advised me that they contacted the Laboratory to change the date for Sample B testing to May 9, 2018; however, no information was conveyed as to date of receipt of such test, or the lab documentation associated therewith.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: KTM Images/Simon Cudby

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