Misfortune for Bas Vaessen

Bas Vaessen sidelined until June

Bas Vaessen has had a turbulent time of it since he entered the professional ranks and that has sadly overshadowed the raw bursts of speed that he has showcased in that time. Another ailment has beset him now, unfortunately, as it turns out that he severely injured the adductor muscle at the Grand Prix of Trentino.

"It really is a horrible feeling, especially as I don't really know how it happened," Vaessen said in a team statement. "I felt a little bit of pain in Portugal on Saturday, which gradually got more and more throughout the weekend. I was able to take some painkillers overnight, which worked well for the first moto on Sunday, but then in the second moto I was basically surviving as they began to wear off, which explains my bad result. Then on Monday morning I woke up and my leg was massive, with really red skin and it really didn't look good so I went to a doctor.

"At first they said it was a grade two muscle rupture, which means that it was just ripped a bit and not all the way through," he continued. "However, Friday I did an MRI and the doctor said it was much worse, a grade three, with it being completely ripped off, which means around two months off the bike. Obviously that was a massive disappointment and overall it's just such a shame, because things just started going better and better every weekend and I felt more comfortable as we were getting good race set-ups. Now all that work stops."

Ottobiano has been highlighted as the event that Bas Vaessen could potentially return at. If everything goes particularly well, however, he could even be back on track at the French Grand Prix. Seeing as he is going to miss a significant amount of time, it has been confirmed that Livia Lancelot is looking for a fill-in rider to pilot his CRF250R.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Pro Racing

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