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Social Spot: Oakland

The best from social media

Social media came alight on Saturday night, as riders and industry personnel shared countless posts from the fifth round of Monster Energy Supercross that was held in Northern California. It is most likely that you missed something, especially if you are dealing with a difference in time zones, hence why collected the best posts from Ken Roczen, Justin Barcia and more for this feature.

A video that will not only be shown multiple times this week, but for months to come as well. Tyler Bowers was extremely lucky to walk away from this one without a serious injury. "Worker stacked a tough block back on the track just about two inches out of line and us riders were searching for every edge to avoid ruts," Bowers explained on social media. "I picked the wrong edge clearly."

That. Was. Gnarly. 📸 @OlivierDevaulx

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A picture says a thousand words, one may argue. This post that Jason Anderson shared does exactly that. Considering how his day begun, it is simply remarkable that he ended the event on the top step of the podium and with such a significant series lead. Consistency is his greatest strength, which is exactly what he is shooting for.

Ken Roczen has done a good job of putting a positive spin on everything this season. Thinking about where he came from, everything really is a significant milestone! Roczen appeared to be frustrated immediately after the main event, just as one would expect, but soon brushed that off and looked at the bigger picture. There is a long way to go yet.

"Anyone hating on my pass bumped their head – that was clean racing. He wasn't ready for me to come in and turned down. I would do the same thing over again. I held my line and was on the inside," Justin Barcia wrote when dissecting the pass that he made on Eli Tomac on his Twitter account. Do you agree with that assessment?

Riders tend to lock themselves away when things are not exactly going to plan, but Cooper Webb has done a good job of staying open on social media. Perhaps that is because he knows this rough spell will not last for too long? There is no doubt that there have been more flashes of brilliance lately, so perhaps he will play a spoiler in this title fight soon.

After signing a new deal with BTO Sports, Malcolm Stewart had a rough outing in Oakland. Oakland is actually where he took his maiden main event victory, by the way, so he has good memories of the place. Stewart was contemplating whether to line up after a rough fall in the heat, but showed a lot of heart and pushed through the pain. Fans tend to accuse him of lacking that quality.

The injury that Dean Wilson sustained earlier this year has been overshadowed by the issues that Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin encountered. Wilson has continued to push forward though and just missed out on a spot inside of the top ten on Saturday night. It certainly will not be long until he sets his sights on the top five again.

Christian Craig and Cole Seely always have similar weekends, as Paige Craig pointed out on Twitter. Oakland was no different and, hey, even their post-race statements were similar. Seely was content with the pace that he showed at round five and was able to extract the positives from the situation, much like his training partner above.

Racing was aggressive in Oakland part 2. #SXonFOX #SupercrossLIVE #DropTheGate

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Round things off with a reminder of the contact that Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin had in the main event. It was an aggressive move from the current series leader, who also trains with Musquin, but clearly paid off in the end. Had Anderson sat behind Musquin for a lap, it is likely that he would not have won. There was not exactly much time to spare.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Octopi

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