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Reed reassures his fans

The latest on Chad Reed

Chad Reed has released very few updates since it became apparent that the Husqvarna FC 450 is his machine of choice. The fact that an ankle injury has kept him off of the bike in recent weeks is the reason for that, of course, but he recently took to Facebook to reassure his legion of fans.

"I will share info when I have it – so many questions," he wrote. "I'm still waiting on answers and when I know, you will know… Eleventh hour and I'm busting my ass, but I'm racing 2018 supercross." That last point is undoubtedly the most important, as some fans have worried that the ankle injury would prompt him to give up on his dream. Nothing can keep Chad Reed down though. Just hours after that post he shared an image of a Hyperbaric Chamber and wrote that he is "bringing it back like it is 2003. I had shoulder surgery five weeks before Anaheim 1 2004," he continued. "Old dog with some old tricks."

Further details on Chad Reed's programme have not yet been revealed. It has not yet been confirmed what condition he'll be in at Anaheim 1 either, but the fact that he will be racing will undoubtedly cause countless fans to purchase tickets.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Ryne Swanberg

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