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The Monster Energy Supercross game

Fans are understandably elated, following the announcement of the official Monster Energy Supercross game that will drop in February next year (the thirteenth of the month to be exact). The launch trailer was posted on MX Vice last night and received great reviews, but what else is known at this stage?

The official website is fairly mundane, but does drop some massive hints. The game modes include single player, a championship (playing as a professional rider), a career (where you work up through the ranks as your own player and move from 250SX to 450SX) and then time attack. Online there is just the standard races, but you can also customise your own championship. That is fairly easy to make sense of, I'm sure, as the MXGP franchise offers a similar layout. There are hours of fun to be had there.

The website also reveals that there will be a track editor, which is something that fans have longed for since the days of MTX. There are no further details on this, except for the following statement. "Creating an exciting and fun track has never been so easy," it says. "Be the creator of your experience: create, customize and share tracks with the unique chance to test them as you add new obstacles from an extensive toolbox." That sounds great, right?

Some full gameplay videos have been released, as you can see in this piece, so those offer some great insight. What do you think of the game at this point? Join in the discussion on our Facebook page or Twitter!

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Ryne Swanberg

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