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Bas Vaessen heads to 114

Vaessen joins Lawrence at Honda

More information has become available about the new 114 Motorsports Honda team, but oddly enough in a press release from Kawasaki. Kawasaki released quotes from Livia Lancelot, who has represented the brand for ten years, about what the future holds and she confirmed that she will be leading the 114 Motorsports outfit.

"Everyone in the industry knew that my project was to remain team owner/manager in the future, now another manufacturer is interested in that project and has decided to work with me," Lancelot said. "My new team will be involved next season with two riders, Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaessen, who will enter the MX2 World Championship. It’s a kind of challenge to enter the MX2 World Championship with  a new manufacturer, but they are really motivated and I will give 110% on this project, as I did when I was a racer," she concluded.

An obvious question is why would she not continue with Kawasaki? That was also covered. "For a few years I have been riding with my own Team 114 and my dream has always been to enter the MX2 World Championship," she explained. "Of course it would have been really great to do this with my current partners, but the involvement in the MX2 class is different than WMX so there is no possibility to continue with all of them and especially Kawasaki."

There were rumours that a third rider would be joining this team, but it now seems that will not be the case. An official announcement from Honda has not yet been made.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Suzuki Racing

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